Living Meme Oliver Tree Gets Lost Inside His Own Paranoia

[ Blows nose ] -What were you saying? I missed that last part. [ Blows nose ] -Welcome to “Inside My Mind,” where we get into
celebrities’ heads to see what’s really
going on in there. Not sure what’s going to happen
here, but let’s go with it. Hey. How’s it going? It’s Trey, and we are back
for another episode of “Inside My Mind.” Today, we have with us
Oliver Tree, a musician, director, professional
scooter rider, you know? -Thanks for having me, bro. -I want you to get
comfortable in the chair. I want you to start taking deep
breaths in through the nose, out through the mouth. -[ Exhales deeply ] [ Ethereal music plays ] ♪♪ -And as you’re sitting there
doing these breaths, let your environment
form around you. Tell me about where you are. -I’m seeing a giant bath tub. It’s filled with very warm
and very sweet water. Somehow, the plug
gets pulled out, and the water starts spinning. [ Water draining ] And I start spinning with it
like a tornado. I’m going. My whole body gets sucked in,
into this tube, this pipe. -How do you feel
during all this? -I’m scared.
I want my mom. I’m going down, and I’m going
through these elaborate tubings, and it shoots me out full-speed into the deepest depths
of the bluest ocean, and I see something else
in the distance. It looks like it’s
a yellow war submarine. I can see a captain
in the window. He most certainly reminds me
of my grandfather, vibrant, rainbow turtleneck,
the shortest shorts… -[ Groans ]
-…I ever seen, and I’m waving at him. I’m trying to get him
to help me, and it seems like he’s… Yeah.
He’s flipping me off. [ Buzzer blares ]
-Flip him back. -Yeah. I’ll give him one of
these, maybe one of these. I notice that there’s a basement
that’s opened up, and there’s one mermaid
and another merman, and they’re just pouring out
in numbers to the point where there must be
hundreds of them. -Well, that’s probably
the mermaid’s family. They probably lay eggs
like fish, you know? -And I see that it appears
I’ve become a merman myself, and the merman and the mermaids
are swimming in a circle, and they’re spinning,
and they’re spinning, and they’re spinning. It’s tornado underwater. What do they call those? -I want you to just let
the tornado take you. -I’m going in.
It’s like a blender in there. -Let’s take some breaths
real quick. -[ Inhales, exhales deeply ] -You’re not going to get
through this crisis if you don’t have a level head. -At the bottom of this
underwater tornado, I see what appears
to be a blue planet. I’m seeing blue mountains
in the distance, blue trees. -What’s it smell like?
-[ Sniffs ] -Blueberries,
and I’m seeing blue beings. -Have you turned blue?
-I have not. -So they know
you’re an outsider? -I’m possibly a threat. -Yeah. Be careful because we’ve
had a whole lot of people messing around with you
in these environments. Where are they taking you? -I just get plucked up
by what appears to be a gigantic
obese version of myself. It takes me, and it puts me down
inside of this waffle iron, and it just crushes it,
and they pull me out, and I’m shaped like
a waffle at this point, and this bigger version
of myself puts me on a plate, douse me in butter,
pours all this syrup on me, grabs his fork
and with one bite, eats it. -Just let this guy swallow you.
Go down the esophagus. Next thing you know,
you’re in the large intestine. You’re coming home because
this guy has got to poop, and pretty soon, you’re going
to come out that butthole and be back in our world. Just feel yourself
leaving the space. Open your eyes and come back
to where we are. -Wow.
-Welcome back. -How’d you do that?
-I’m not allowed to tell. It’s trade secrets, you know? -That was one of the most
incredible experiences I’ve ever had
in my entire life. I’m exhausted. ♪♪ You would think Vice would have
a bigger budget than this. They’re using toilet paper rolls
to hold this thing together. Are you guys
actually part of Vice? -I’m not at liberty to say. ♪♪

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