Lawn Care Pro Shawn Spencer on Using Techron Powersports & Small Engine

[Music starts] In 2012 I started off and I was going
from job to job and just not finding something that could be solely mine. So I
went to my wife and I said, honey, I think I want to start a lawn care business. She
said do you think you can make it happen? I said well look where we’re at. Let me
try my own thing. Give me five years. I’ll see where it’s at if not I’ll go back
and I’ll get another job. I’m Shawn Spencer from Spencer’s Lawn Care out of
Canton Ohio and I’m a lawn care professional. Starting out, I started from
the bottom. I mean I didn’t even have a leaf blower at the time. I started out
with a push broom. What I love about lawn care is just the instant gratification.
Coming to a lawn that doesn’t look its best,
taking care of it, servicing it and then the customer coming out at the end with
a big smile and saying thank you. Last year we were having issues finding an
employee at the beginning of the year. I had an employee to start off, he quit and right
off the rip, so my wife, we call her TQ, she came forward and she said babe why
don’t I come and work with you, and me being in the pinch, I said go
ahead TQ, Trimmer Queen, let’s go. [Music] Keep mowing, keep growing, and keep making
money. Make sure this is something you absolutely love because lawn care and
landscaping is a hard job. In lawn care and landscaping if you’re not taking
care of your equipment you’re just setting yourself up for failure. Treating
my equipment with a high quality fuel additive every time I fill up gives me
the peace of mind to know my equipment is always ready to go when I need it. I
use Techron Powersports and Small Engine because it’s a Chevron product
and I know they put lots of research and testing in everything they bring to
market. Since using it, it’s kept my gas-powered equipment running clean and
strong and it fights the issues related to the ethanol in the fuel. It also
stabilizes my fuel and keeps gum and varnish from forming on my equipment’s
carburetors during storage. Taking care of my equipment with Techron allows me to
deliver the best service and get the best results by going above and beyond
for my customers every single day. That’s just how I roll. [Lawnmower starts] [Music fades]

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