[KPOP IN PUBLIC] 현아 (HyunA) – “FLOWER SHOWER” | Dance Cover by Ahyon Unit

Wait, I have to look good for my fans I have bad news, two of skirts are not finished yet, yaaaaaay! 🙂 I’m lame 🙁 Guys, I’ll appear on the next video, ’till then. Well, actually, not the next video, because it’s going to be A.C.E, but the one after that. Hey there, as usual, I’m sewing the outfits last minute Don’t do dance covers We’re late, as always So, we’ve had a bit of a problem (Patricia) A big problem A big problem, to be honest As you know, in one of the previous videos, in ITZY’s video that you must be very careful with your belongings, especially when you are a big group and everyone is doing something you must always keep your things near you Well, one of our friends, who was going to be one of our back dancers with Chris in Hyuna’s, has just had her phone robbed, under our noses, because we were all together and no one noticed So, she had to go, with Chris, and they won’t appear in the cover we did everything we could to locate her phone, ’cause it was an iPhone but, please, be always careful! Always! And don’t rob And don’t rob Don’t be this kind of stupid We don’t know how it’s going to turn out, but I hope you’ll still love us Oh boy Oh boy We gonna look cute bitch (Isma) Or we’ll die trying to You gotta love us Okay, guys, you remember that when we were at Sagrada Familia, we explained that one of our back dancers had a problem, her phone was robbed and we told you to be careful with your things, Thank God, something that doesn’t usually happen, happened She has her phone back Someone left it in Starbucks what we did was, since it is an iPhone (like this one) We used this app called, how it’s called, (Tianhua) Find my iPhone Yes, find my iPhone, And, Tianhua left a note with Chris’s number, who was another back dancer, and they called him, to tell him that the phone was in the Starbucks, in the bathroom and she has her phone back! So everything ended up great We’ve been very lucky today (Iñaki) Yeeah Sechi covers! Wow, it’s Sechi covers!!! Unexpected end! Leave in the comments below if you want Sechi covers to collab with Ahyon Unit!

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