July Gardening Checklist: 15 Tips to Keep Your Organic Garden Going in the Dead of Summer

It’s July and it’s hot in my garden. I’m
glad I did most of the heavy work but there are still some things I’m going to
do in July and I’ll share those with you. July is a time to top off the non
fruiting canes that are shooting up from your blackberry bushes. Mulch your veggie garden in July. This will prevent weeds and also provide a more even moisture.
I’m using the straw seeding mulch. Continue your succession of planting green beans
for continual harvest and continue your succession planting of summer lettuces
such as Romaine and Summer Bibb. continue to check for diseases, insect pests and
treat them accordingly. Check out our video on organic pest control. Continue
harvesting beans summer squash and cucumbers which will encourage more
growth and fruiting. You can direct sow broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, kale, beets,
carrots, and peas for a fall or winter harvest. If you have an empty bed you can
plan a summer cover crop to enrich the soil. Please see our video on cover crops.
The biggest job for me in July is the summer care of my grapevines.
We have a great video on how to prune and how to take care of your vines in
the summer. Deadhead your flowers so that you get a second bloom. Preserve any
excess fruit or berries by making jam or jelly or freezing. Continue to keep up on
the weeds but don’t use the flamer in the summertime. If you see Sun scald on
your peppers or tomatoes put up some shade cloth. Care for your Tomatoes by
continuing to remove dead or damaged leaves. Keep them tied up to a trellis or
stake and be on the lookout for tomato hornworms. If you can’t keep up with all your fresh tomatoes preserve them by canning or
freezing. And if you want your Tomatoes to stop from getting taller, cut off the
growing tip. Provide support to your fruit trees that have branches that are
heavy with fruit. An important thing in July is not get overheated. Take time to smell the roses and relax in your garden and grow
organic for life. See you next month.

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