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Probably the most important thing in organic production is having your animals exposed to grass. Good grass and fresh grass. I’m firmly convinced that there is a difference and my goal as a farmer, as a Christian farmer, has been, “Is this milk nutrient dense? Is this healthy for the end consumer?” As a farmer with quality in mind that’s my highest priority. Grass is the great healer for soil. If you apply compost or manure to your land, the grass will hold it there. I’ve got a rocky, hilly farm here. The soil isn’t the greatest, so I’m very conscious of holding and re-mineralizing what I’ve got. When I’m done farming here, I want it to be a healthier ecosystem than when I got here. And having it in grass and harvesting the grass with cows, allows me to do that. It just works. It’s the way God intended it, and it’s my duty as a manager to have them at the right spot on the farm. Their heads go down and they’re filling up. You just look at the herd and you see happy cows. This is a true family farm. It’s me and my wife and my six children. This is the culmination of a lifelong dream, really, of having my own dairy herd and now I’m realizing it and I’m very happy. I think it was the American Indian saying that said, “We just take care of the land for our children.” I envision one of my children wanting this farm so we can continue producing milk on this farm and teach them how to improve the fertility also. I’m Jeff Miller and I am your Organic Valley farmer.

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3 thoughts on “Jeff Miller | Gift of Grass | Organic Valley Farmers

  1. I can tell with every drop of milk I drink ,with every sprinkle of cheese I use that your farmers love what they do and love where their end product comes from … God bless you all my farmers my friends …

  2. I truly love the videos from the farmers that are supply food to my family. Thank you for letting us meet you, your family and animals. Thank you for the efforts you do to produce healthy and mindful farming. I will continue to support my organic farmers and help keep the education and importance of good food=good health. Bless you for your hard work and care for us all.

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