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100 thoughts on “Is Grass-Fed Beef Really Healthier Than Grain-Fed?

  1. A farmer friend refused to join the local grass-fed beef association bc permission to add GMO soybean husks to hay feeds, meaning, the GMO soybean cells were in the hay. My friend, almost rigidly stiff, but I'll buy his produce which goes to the buy local from farmers you know construct.

    Salmon, as w/all seafood is now contaminated by Fukushima. Even a few molecules of radioactive elements raises the risk of poisoning. That hot spot is also killing off, inter alia, flies, mosquitoes, ants, fireflies, hornets, wasps, in my neighborhood, hence, my bird feeder has no customers. Similar die-offs in many regions.

    But, probiotics are said to mitigate those FX.

  2. I hope someone from Authority Nutrition/Joe will reply to this question.

    It am baffled that you gloss over the amount of Omega-3 in [[salted?]] Mackerel. Because it is always said that eating oily fish is preferable to taking supplements, the sheer quantity of O-3 in salmon and mackerel argues for eating rather than supplementation. I happen to like fish, but I have been taking daily 1000mg supplements because I don't have the habit of buying exorbitantly expensive fish regularly.

    Mackerel is available canned, and is cheap. But I am asking if the qualification "salted" has any significance, because the canned mackerel that I see on grocery store shelves does not say "salted". Are there specific species or sub-species of mackerel that are associated with the 5100 mg figure? I would assume that "salted" has nothing to do with nutritional content, but in the video you say "salted". Never heard of it before.

  3. GMOs, Organic, Antibiotics can be discussed in an another video. He clearly stated that it's a nutrition based comparison not some hoax from blogs.

  4. Not really surprised. You confirmed grass fed is healthier. You spend a few seconds covering 90% of the health benefits then the rest of the video on omega 3, then FISH.

  5. Only Omega-3 was discussed as the 'nutrients'. As if that's what encompasses all of health.
    Aside from nutrients, and environment.
    What is also important to 'health' is the cooking properties between the two – as cooking is what makes the food actually nutritious. Cooking methods that were developed for centuries weren't developed just for making food 'taste good', there was also this alchemy to creating highly nutritious foods through certain processes. Therefore, the behavior of the meat (product of the cows lifestyle and diet) will impact the effect of a cooking method – ultimately the nutrition. Grassfed and grainfed have different cooking properties.
    What kind of microbiome flourishes on grass-fed versus grain-fed while digesting?
    What kind of grain-born mycotoxins would be stored in the fat cells of those cow  which are obviously imbedded in the beef cut?
    These few ideas heavily impact the health-value of the meat…not just the measured content of whichever nutrient.

  6. Your video implies there is little difference but you left out a large amount of other nutritional information that would be required to make and validate your statements. Were you not able to make the same conclusion with a proper nutritional analysis so you left it out??

  7. Nobody cares about nutrients when it comes to steak. It's supposed to be a decadent meal. Eat chicken if you want to stay thin.

  8. Can't take this video that serious, especially when he put a picture of a rib eye where the sir loin is and a porterhouse where the rib eye is

  9. most people eat 4 lb of meat a week which is 64 Oz meat that has Omega 6 ratio of about 6 to 1 now with grass-fed beef that ratio could go down to as much as 2 to 1 even lower and how much omega-3 we need depends on how much it omega-6 we consume so this could go a long way as to balancing this imbalance not to mention the fact people would be getting close to 1400 mg of Omega-3 per week at least

  10. Grain feed beef and dairy or very high in omega 6 compared to omega 3 making it pro – inflammatory…….you're entitled to your opinion but that doesn't make it true.

  11. Grass fed beef is a thing of the past. Grain fed beef is much more tastier because it contains more fat. You need fat to grill a delicious steak. Otherwise it's going to taste like a shoe

  12. Grass fed beef is much healthier than grain fed, non organic grains are sprayed with glyphosates, have fun eating that and getting cancer , like 1 in every 3 americans. This guy is an idiot.

  13. Grain-fed beef is one of the leading contributors to climate change. That’s more important and more than enough reason to switch to grass-fed beef.

  14. I can appreciate your video BUT the subject is grass to grain. Throwing fish and the like in for an explanation or comparison is very misleading. If I came across this (I did) I am looking for an objective view on the two and honestly not a spin-off to ‘its better to eat fish instead’. Just my two cents

  15. Even though the amount per MG of omega3, granted we eat a lot of eggs, avocados and supplement fish oil, it is enough for the standard that we should be consuming

  16. This is a conservative hack piece. These numbers don't account for additives in the grain, poor meat quality from poor living conditions and health.

  17. Watch the film WHAT THE HEALTH to see how we've all been brainwashed to consume animal products and how they're totally unhealthy for human consumption.

  18. But you said nothing. Are you trying to say that grain-fed beef is only fed grain and not grass or is the beef 'fattened' up with grain, just before slaughter. The rest of the time they eat grass I'm guessing.

  19. Eat grain fed if you want . . eat grass fed if you want – for whatever reasons tickle your fancy. It's a personal choice. When other people start getting worked up about biological and chemical processes that 99.9% of them have no understanding of what so ever . . .and then try to tell . . or dictate to everyone else what they should do or think is total B.S. This Grain fed – grass fed issue is what is called a First World problem. Not relevant for most of the of the world who are just trying to survive. Lets keep things in perspective RELAX.

  20. You are incorrect all cows in America are grass-fed it's only the last two or three months to eat grains I'm wondering how much of a difference would take place in that short period of time

  21. Eating grass fed is more about respecting the animal, the environment and NOT supporting factory farming.

  22. gmo corn plus organic is not grass fed and finished either. do not let him fool you. cows are made to eat grass and folage all their life. feed lots feeding grains are unnatural gmo corn sick cows sick people. Tilipa is a bottom feeder and eats all the poop of the fish. even if you raise them they still eat the poop. just like pigs eat their own eat poop and urine no matter how they are raised. people wake up the food industry is making us sick.

  23. Who said the American heart association’s recommendations are even correct? 65mg will help, any mg will help an individual. Something is better than nothing. Talking about a guy that sees a glass half empty.

  24. I'm already tired of worrying about everything I eat without having to worry about what the damn cow eats. GEEESH! 🙁

  25. how much fish do americans eat per year vs how much beef? this is why grass fed, true grass fed, beef's omega 3 is so much better, it is a cumulative effect, dumbass

  26. Besides the nutrients level differences, 1.grass-fed cattle makes a great difference for the time and expenses to cattle farmers, you do not pay to grains,instead you enrich your pasture and save time because the cattle is in the nature and less after cleaning or feeding routines. 2. While establishing grass in your pasture, you are contributing to the nature instead of monoculture grain harvest. Also, cattle manure adds a lot of organic matter to the soil where many birds, insects and soil itself benefits because it degrades naturally and does not form huge, dangerous gas piles.. i am sure more farmers will agree this by time if not now.

  27. grass fed beef in the context of red meat is not about omega 3
    its mostly about GMO/antibiotic free, high quality source of actual fat soluable vitamins and amino acids, not plant precursor bullshit, and also tastes better than grain fed, its undeniable

    also the cherry picking in the video was done so bad
    why would you compare 100g serving WITH MUSCLE ON IT and count as fat?
    the fat in land animal is totally different from the fat in fish
    the land animal's adipose tissue is not pure fat, it has a lot of added weight, unlike the fat in fish that is basically pure oil, but rendered fat like tallow and lard has similar content, grass fed lard for exemple has a lot more vitamin D than fish oil

  28. Cows do not live in feed lots. I drove from Texas to Missouri and saw cows everywhere freely ranging on grass just like they always have. Still haven't seen a feedlot. This guy can't bother to do more research than a Google search

  29. grass fed beef is healthier guys save yourself the stress from this pointless video use those 4minutes and 56 seconds for something else if your that concerned about wat u eating go vegan

  30. What I don’t understand is the comparison of the two kinds of beef to fish with naturally high omega-3 counts. This is totally irrelevant to the argument because we are talking about the nutrients given in the two so this is like comparing the vitamin d levels in the two meats and then bringing in orange juice to show that there is not nearly a difference where it should have nothing to do with orange juice in the first place. So should we always just by fish instead of the beef because it has higher omega 3 levels meanwhile not a single other nutrient is mentioned

  31. So grass fed costs twice as much money for a teensy bit more omega 3. This is easily verifiable with a little research. Also all cattle feed in pastures and eat grass (hay). Corn finished tastes better to most people. People are very easily influenced and frightened. So convinced that animals are all being treated so abusively. So afraid of science. Such foolishness. Yet no one wants to pay for reasonable regulations that would protect us from the greedy. smh

  32. This guy is so dumb, no poop, it's not that big of a difference, what is a huge difference is that cows are NOT meant to eat corn and soy and it causes major inflammation and other problems for them and for us. Smh

  33. You can safely assume that it is fed on close to 100% grass? Nu-uh! Since there's no standard and no enforcement, then I assume that any rancher could toss a few handfuls of grass at them and get the grass-fed price. "Assuming" equals gullibility. Remember goat milk fudge? Some of that had a mere spoonful and the rest of the dairy ingredients were cows'.

  34. It's the ratio of omega 3 to omega 6 that's the problem. Beef's ratios are not a problem. Vegetable oils and seed oils in processed foods are the problem. Particularly soy. Very difficult to fix no matter how much salmon you are willing to eat.

  35. Grass fed beef and grain fed beef are the same because salmon has a lot more omega 3 than either of them. Wow. What a great argument.

  36. Sure it doesn't have as much omega-3 as other meats like fish. But what's important is the omega-3 to omega-6 levels. O3 being anti inflammatory vs O6 being inflammatory. So the amount of inflammation when eating grass fed is way less than possessed.(Because possessed is way higher in O6)

    Also there's all the other hormones in the processed meats. You have to make a cow pretty unhealthy if you want it to have that fat.

  37. Grass fed means they ate one blade of grass in their life.
    And the nutrients in "vegetables and fruits" are hard to access and come with serious anti-nutrients as the plants defense mechanisms.
    Go carnivore!
    Spurn the stupid Vegan New World Order diet!

  38. Cattle that eat grains gets infections and need antibiotics!!! Also you should know that vegetables and fruits contains anti nutrients that prohibits the body from use the nutrients!

  39. As if omega 3 is the only nutrient of concern. What about vitamins? Anyone who promotes grain fed over grass fed promotes the profits of factory farming over health.

  40. You said nothing as to how animal are kept and how they have to shoot grain fed cow with antibiotics to keep them alive because they constantly getting sick, but you want people to be cool with the farmer cut off cancer tumors and selling us sick animal meat. New research (which is bullshit because a researcher who has passed tried to warn us of the danger of a hi carb diet and they shun him as illustrated in "good calories bad calories".) Show that a hi carb diet is link to obesity type 2 diabetes and cancer. You should do more research. Eat grass fed because you know your eating a healthy animal that get more plenty of exercise.

  41. One orange contains a lot less vitamin C than a pill, but the other nutrients in the orange make that vitamin C far more bio available to the human body.
    Grassfed beef is similarly far more beneficial to the human body than cornfed or corn-finished. Better yet (of course) is grass-fed bison in North America, or pampas-fed beef which comes from Argentina, that doesn't even need aging after slaughter. Cows make less nutritious meat when they are mass-produced and we should not eat meat from these animals that are herded into pens to be fed or raised and given antibiotics when not sick, hormones or other additives to increase their size as quickly as possible. These animals will make you fat and give you cancer or other serious diseases.

  42. They need to make and find a way to make grass fed more affordable right now it's only for rich people which is a shame because it's saying poor people don't deserve to be healthy

  43. We need to kill and eat a human that has eaten nothing but fast food and or take out, and then KILL and EAT another human that has eaten a very healthy diet to see the real what you guys think? Oh and Fuck this guy he sucks ass

  44. Also the ratio of Omega 3 to the others is what makes the difference when it comes to inflammation, your argument is false and has little to do with why we eat grass fed

  45. Evolution is a lie. And they feed the cows gmo round up ready corn with glyphosate…. Cancer causer. So fuck off you 'tard.

  46. if you only eat 4 ounces of meat its insignificant but if you eat 2lbs a day than its significant its also all 100% absorbable by the body. you mentioned plants as a good alternative for vitamins yet plant vitamin are far less absorbable by the body do to plant antinutrients, the only thing that makes plants vitamins more absorbable is animal fats.

  47. Note that The American Heart Association accepts corporate donors !! They’re known for spreading misinformation !!
    This is. Omega 3 ratio is important, not total amount. Grain fed is much more inflammatory, a lot more likely to cause cluttering of arteries, deficient in vitamins K2 and others, a lot of times antibiotics are used to be able to feed a more fattening powdered feed to the animal… If you think difference is minimal you are dreaming (or lying).

  48. This is a deceptive video. It's not about the amount of omega 3. It's about the ratio of omega 3 to omega 6. With grass fed, it's addition by subtraction. People shouldn't be getting so much omega 6. You also avoided discussing the reality that grain is GMO trash that's drenched in poison, and that poison has an even higher impact because it concentrates in animal flesh. You're doing a great disservice by publishing this nonsense!

  49. 0.41 grain fed cows do not live in feedlots their whole lives. Calves are usually born in spring. They spend the summer in the pasture with their mother (cow) eating grass. Male calves are castrated and become steers. Females are known as heifers. Once weaned in the fall, the steers and heifers are approaching adult size. They are sold/shipped at this point and go to a feedlot where they are fed a grain ration for about 4 months to reach “finished weight” before slaughter. What is wrong with this process? Nothing!

    The whole point is for the farmer to sell a calf once per year. For example, if you have 100 cows in your herd, you would ideally have 100 calves to sell every year (the larger, the better). They reach finished weight quicker when fed grain. Grass fed beef takes longer to reach finished weight so you are eating an older animal and there is less profit due to the time factor (also why you usually pay more for grass fed, which isn’t worth it in my opinion).

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