Indonesian Special Chicken Curry | Kari Ayam Indonesia Spesial Maknyus [Eng/Indo/Viet]

making curry chicken halo, today i feel like wanna eat chicken curry because I dont have chicken in here, so i need to go to the supermarket first, lets go this is my first time trying to cook by using the spices from the scratch using the recipe from facebook there is galangal, chili, koraka shallow, garlic, Indonesian bay leaves (chicken 750gr, 4 potato, coconutMilk 400mL ) ginger, lime leaves, candlenut and tumeric lemon grass, i am using the grinded lemon grass Then there are some powder here I bought them ready, just use it straight there are cumin, coriander seed next cinnamon nutmeg and cardamom now i want to grind them grinding process Now i am frying the mix spices until it cooked then i add the chicken after I just find out if koraka is very hard, so I soaked it first then put back in the pot :p Then I moved it into a bigger pot because my pan was too small next I add the potato and boil it now we just wait until it cooked, the result will be like this Then add the coconut milk you need to watch the coconut milk dont boil for too long, otherwise it will be broken so you need to watch it then add the black and white pepper to make it tastier next is just wait until its cook, then its ready the last, add some salt time to eat ok guys, i have finished cooking, now wanna eat yeey I can’t wait yesterday I also cooked chili potatoes with quail eggs its nicer if I put stinky bean but no one sell it in here enjoy !! I have tea also its very soft the recipe is quiet nice its better than that curry powder that is ready to use Sorry I was really hungry, so its messy :p really its delicious mmmm I wanna talk abit guys i was trying to find spices in here, it was hard the asian shop in here dont sell Indonesian bay leaves and candlenuts I have been searched for months I have checked few stores everytimes I went to supermarket, I checked in the spices part they dont have it few days ago I found it online, then I ordered it It taste really different using this kind of spices compare with the ready mix spices (curry powder) outside is still cold, by eating hot food like this is perfect I also added the friend onion Last time I was in Vietnam, I bought 3 kg of that. I still can buy it in here also but its more expensive so when I was in Vietnam, I ordered it 3kg, then brought it here I will show you later yummm the curry is so delicious with tea, i am using berry black tea this is good the brand is pure leaf its good after shopping, then cooking, then waiting the smell was really nice. I was drooling seriously in this recipe there is 1 spice is missing I read on the internet, they said it need the tumeric leaves also I tried to grow the tumeric in the pot almost 3 weeks but still hasnt grown up yet so long Do you guys know how long does it take to grow the tumeric? I thought just put it in the soil, 2 or 3 days later it will grow like growing the bean sprout btw, if you like my video, please subscribe and share give some thumbs also 😀 ok I continue with my food, thank you

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