[Identity V] Gardener Guide – How I Play as Gardener (After 19/09/19 Rework) [VIDEO GAME GUIDE]

Hi, guys! It’s Lady Belles here. As you know, in a recent update, Gardener
got a rework. Which is great because Gardener wasn’t really
considered a good survivor by a lot people before the update. However, it seems that some are still unsatisfied
with her abilities and are even calling her useless! In my opinion, while not S-tier like Mercenary
or Seer, Gardener definitely has potential to become a great survivor if used efficiently. So, I’m going to share the tips and tricks
that I use when I play as Gardener. Here we go! Let’s go through Gardener’s external traits
first. There are a few changes to her traits. The most significant one is Ingenuity- Gardener’s
toolbox. While it still allows infinite usage, the
toolbox now has a 12 second cooldown for each rocket chair you break. Before the rework, the time taken to dismantle
a chair increases as you break more chairs. But now, it takes around 4 seconds to break
each chair. Hunters now can also fix broken chairs without
using Abnormal. There is no cooldown for every chair they
fix. Next is Protection. Protection is a brand new trait given to Gardener
after her rework. It replaces Mech Expert. Mech Expert used to increase Gardener’s
scope of success by 50% when a calibration is triggered and decreased the chance of triggering
one by 50%. Now, Gardener doesn’t have that trait anymore,
but with Protection, she is able to block one incoming damage during the first 50 seconds
after the match starts. This effect will be lost after she gets hit
or the duration is over. Think of it like Seer’s owl. Protection is also available in BlackJack,
making Gardener one of the best survivors for that game mode. The next one is Confidence. Gardener retains this trait after her rework. However, besides having 10% more time on the
rocket chair before takeoff, she also gains 10% increase in vaulting speed when near a
chair. This gives her better kiting abilities compared
to before. Veterans is exactly the same as before. You get an additional 2 second speed boost
after getting hit. Nothing new. Okay, so, this is the persona build that I
use for Gardener. I personally go down to get Tide Turner for
rescues, but you can also go left for Broken Windows if you prefer to be a kiter. Borrowed Time is a must for almost all survivors. If you get downed right before the last cipher
is popped, you will be able to regain mobility and escape after all ciphers have been decoded. I use the remaining points to max out Will
to Survive. Will to Survive can give you a higher chance
to struggle out of the hunter’s grasp when they’re carrying you to a chair. It’s even better if the chair is broken
and the hunter has a long way to get there. The hunter will have to drop you and fix the
chair. Your teammates might not have this trait,
but at least, you can save yourself from getting chaired. Prisoner’s Dilemma is added to the build
along with Will to Survive. This trait can be very useful to see which
chair is the hunter is heading for when they’re carrying a survivor. I will explain more on this later. I also recommend Sticker. Sticker increases your crawling and self-healing
speed. If the hunter decides to drop you or leave
you behind for a while to fix a nearby broken chair, you can use this opportunity to crawl
away and put more distance between yourself and the chair. That’s all for Gardener’s traits and persona
build. Now, I’m going to show some gameplay as
Gardener and reveal the tips and tricks that I use when playing as her. Right as the match starts, go find a cipher
machine immediately and decode. As a gardener, you don’t have the abilities
for aggressive rescuing like Coordinator, Forward, Enchantress and Prospector. So, your biggest priority is to decode as
you do not possess any decoding debuffs. If you come across any rocket chairs, quickly
dismantle them. This can come in handy if you or your teammates
are being chased by the hunter later. This includes rocket chairs that are nearby
the cipher machine that you are decoding. Sure, you will alert the hunter of your presence,
but if it’s early game, you have the advantage of Protection. If the duration of Protection is up or you
got hit by the hunter, quickly transition to a good kiting area and try to contain the
hunter as long as possible. This is important to note: Do not waste your
time trying to find and break all of the rocket chairs on the map. Only break them if you see them and they are
nearby. You should use that extra time to either decode
or distract the hunter. When kiting, try to put as much distance as
you can from any rocket chairs. This includes crawling away when you get incapacitated. So, if the hunter is carrying you to a chair,
you have more time to struggle free. Which is why I recommended Will to Survive
and Sticker. Bigger maps like White Sand Asylum, Lakeside
Village and Eversleeping Town are the best maps for Gardener since the chairs are further
apart from each other. This tip depends on the situation. If a teammate gets caught and you’re at
the other side of the map, don’t even bother to run over to break the chair- you will not
have enough time to do so. Instead, only do this if a teammate is nearby
and you are far enough from the hunter to have enough time to dismantle the chair. If the teammate has Will to Survive in their
persona build, they might be able to struggle free. That’s all the tips that I have. I want to give a shout out to my friend Floss
for helping me out to get footage for the hunter fixing the chairs. Thanks a lot! Share your thoughts on Gardener’s rework
in the comment section below. Do you have any tips that you want to share? What is your playstyle when you play as Gardener? Thank you for watching!

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31 thoughts on “[Identity V] Gardener Guide – How I Play as Gardener (After 19/09/19 Rework) [VIDEO GAME GUIDE]

  1. still not a good character if u plan to win like in rank etc, dismantling chairs takes time from decoding, which delays cipher rush unlike other characters
    protection is not that good since the chance of finding her first is one in 4 meaning 25%
    and other characters have abilities way better than protection to avoid hits

    Her dismantling a chair to rescue from being chaired rarely works and the wounded will get caught soon and this time instead of decoding will all be for nothing
    I honestly dont like this video since it will encourage more people to use her instead of good characters
    I'm tired of seeing gardeners throwing matches in rank

  2. The good thing about gardener was that she forced hunters to equip abmormal just in case they needed to use it. Now, they don't. Therefore, her item will work in few situational ocassions. Making time for a survivor to struggle free is very hard. I'm kinda sad with her rework 🙁 I only play gardener in 2vs8 because without a useful item, I feel kind of vulnerable

  3. I think old gardener was better being able to break the chairs that are really hard to save from or have no kiting areas nearby were very good to break and made the hunter have to take more time to chair a survivor if they kited near broken ones. And if a hunter brought abnormal that meant no blink to end a chase and no teleport to find the decoder. Now shes not very good slightly usable but I’d rather have a kiting ability rather than just 10% extra vaulting speed.

  4. I understand that Gardener is not useless when she was use by good players. People said the same things with Embalmer and Lawyer as well. But i have been matched with those who plays them very good. I even use her when there's already a Mercenary in the team.

    But one thing i don't like about some Gardener's players. It's that they keep focusing on breaking chairs instead of decoding. They forget that some hunter can go to their location very fast (WuChang, Bloody Queen, Mad Eye with his walls,…) or keep breaking chair could accidentally bring hunter to nearby teammates as well. And if they still not good at kitting and get caught early game then hunter will have a very high change of winning the match. So i see why alot of players don't like Gardener. She sometime could be very annoying to have as teammate if she's in the hand of those who don't know how to use her skills correctly or just want to be toxic.

  5. Thanks for the tips ! I’m a main Gardener and honestly I really liked the old Gardener more but with the new Gardener it’s not that bad. I still win in rank and focus on decoding instead of breaking chairs. But I think her kiting still is way better than before if a chair is nearby. And I don’t care about what other people say to her I pick her in rank and I still managed to win 😌

  6. I used to play Gardener before but because of what people think of her, I had to quit playing her at some point. When I'm playing rank if I pick Gardener, they would say ''I will not rescue you'' or ''Are you joking? Don't play her she's trash.'' etc. I really get offended. But still, I love Emma no matter what. Now, I pick Gardener even if it means I will play by myself and my team is going to ignore me and not rescue me. I'm playing this game because I want to have fun. It's pointless if I'm not playing the character I would like to play. I'm good at playing her and her rework is not that bad. Her shield is really useful if you get pursued first. And ''Confidence'' is really good too while you're kiting the hunter. I don't get people who says ''Gardener/Embalmer/Lawyer/… is trash!'' because it really depends on the person who plays them. It's good to know that there are people out there who actually appreciate Gardener.

  7. When I play gardener. I first decode, once cipher is done , I move to next cipher. Whenever i encounter a nearby chair, i break it first. When hunter is carrying a survivor and going to a chair and you are near it, i immediately destroy the chair so that the hunter will put down survivor and fixed the chair. This gives a little bit of time for the survivor to struggle free and other survivors to decode/ rescue. When hunter let go of survivor far from chair and it got fixed, i go and destroy it again (its like im trolling the hunter).

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  9. I rack up the most points when I use gardener. Just go around decoding and breaking chairs. She’s also decent in mobility which is a plus. Prolly gon use her till I save up for a Seer.

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