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100 thoughts on “I Ate Like KATE FLOWERS For A Week | I TRIED Eating RAW VEGAN

  1. Nearly all of what goes on emotionally/mentally is SOMATOpsycho never Psychosomatic. So, if anyone is having emotional/mental difficulty, talking about it will never help. It is physiological. Eating raw (especially seaweed) can introduce such a range of diverse parasites, bacteria, fungus and virus that it would make a microbiologist have a stroke. The feelings of unreality could be from low glucose to just frank pancreas problems caused by the new hitchhikers. Bad skin is nearly always a plugged liver that will come from a vegan diet with the insane practice of withholding fats/oils. I love avocados but they are Avoids on the blood type-O diet. If that furry stuff in the restaurant roll was alfalfa sprouts then beware the Lupus that can follow pretending to be 'healthy'. Check your butters: if they were roasted before they were ground they are not raw. You can't mass produce seeds and nuts without a healthy dose of mold and mycotoxin. I have always found it odd that people will share their most intimate personal data with total strangers, so we wonder out loud if nearly 800,000 people needed to know about your I.U.D. ? But then of those 800,000 how many of them would be able to or willing to warn of copper toxicity and all that can cause if you have that type of device? Of those 800,000 how many would even suggest the MALE alternative that never requires the female to poison herself with hormones or metallic foreign objects?
    And, finally, because I grow most of my own produce, $200 of food for a WEEK? A WEEK? I spend that much in TWO MONTHS. Forget the whatIeatinaday NONSENSE and tell us what you do for income because that's what I need to store up on!

  2. Great video! When you were talking about not eating enough, I could FEEL YOUR frustration. Your voice went up and you were definitely not happy haha so glad you made it through the work week! I wouldn't mind trying something like this. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. It's hard to eat your calories. Especially when the raw stuff makes you feel full very quickly so what I do is drink my calories. I was confused too and I felt groggy too but then I started drinking my calories between my meals. That seems to work for me 🤗💕

  4. First you have the cutest nose in Canada. Adorable! Second get rid of that IUD! I had one. It was supposed to last 10 years. Year 4 it pierced my uterus and was centimeters from impaling my intestines! Yes emergency surgery to remove it because doctors were afraid I would hemorrhage to death if they tried to take it out in the office. Can you say law suit???

  5. Vegan here 🖐 Yeah, under eating is a problem! I under ate for so long, my stomach had shrunk significantly. Therefore, I actually under eat, but I never lose weight? Despite the fact that I'm either not hungry for 2 days, or hungry every 10 minutes…? I have as averaged as low as 500-1100kcal per day. Not good. I need wholesale and a larger kitchen. Seriously. I used to do way better.

  6. As a therapist, better help is in no way to replace traditional therapy. It's a means to get the ball rolling and start talking and taking small steps. I an disappointed in this YouTuber for promoting this as a means to replace traditional talk therapy. Part of the benefit of going to see a therapist is that relationship you build with your therapist. Shame on you lady to make it seem like you can just use this app and get the same benefits as going to see someone. Therapists work hard (studying, consultations, etc) hence why we charge decently.

  7. New subscriber. I have absolutely no interest in raw veganism, but your honest approach to this was very refreshing. Ignore the hate. You did a great job.

  8. Educational, informative n mind relaxing. Watched u on Stevie's channel n loved u. Love this video, will try it next month, going on leave. Have a month free.
    Love u girl.

  9. I'm sure you could have EASILY got enough calories in if you were to eat more high calorie snacks such as dates, figs, coconut, nuts, seeds ect. Theres nothing wrong with the diet, I think you just got confused on what to eat ❤❤❤

  10. I was on the fence about buying Kate Flowers ebook but I'm going to do it now. Eat loads and lose weight, with delicious recipes, sign me up!!! Thanks for doing the trial 🙂

  11. When you go years eating a certain sort of way, especially loads of cooked, processed food, your body goes through a detox period after changing those eating habits. it just seems like you were detoxing and going through withdrawals which is completely normal

  12. At raw vegans diet u nées exercices, its not juste the food u nées to gain weight but sport !!! To transform all these energy and nutrients.

  13. i really hope; if you do try this again , let us know how it goes, did it work better this time was it still a challenge? i love your video and i think its very well thought out and it is definitely leading me to try a raw food diet.

  14. What gal doesnt go thru body probs early in there life,just go with the ride its normal,meditate all the answers are right there

  15. Yep $$$$ start tickin up Ive been vegan since 18 now 60 you spend most of day preparing for the next feed, back in my day There was nowere to find anything remotely healthy Nuts,Fruit,& vege's was it If u were lucky to find a juice it would cost like sooo much money u would wait till u got home, & I dont touch soya products I had 3 big babies were vegans till 5 now they love there meat so go figure

  16. This was actually one of the few really good honest informative review and you even talk about the parallels of your normal routine. Super interested in her recipes because it seems actually tasty but outside what I could come up with myself, seems inventive

  17. Yes raw vegans lose all excess fat! Raw till 4 works the best for me because I'm a bodybuilder n I like rice , potatoes, tofu, n sweet potatoes. And pho is my jam I take it with chicken broth if that's all the restaurant has, but I use veggie broth at home when I cook my rice noodles. But raw food nakes you feel soook good during the day!🐱

  18. The fact that she mentioned she's on birth control…….made me feel very, very relieved. 😉

  19. Better Help doesnt help severe MDD. GET HELP LOCALLY. That helps access to inpatient care. Better Help is inconsistent care only for MILD conditions.

  20. I'm wanting/considering veganism…….for the mental wellbeing side of things…….not for weight reasons

  21. Gotta hate it when you are thinking about changing your diet, and watching a raw vegan video…then low and behold a beef burger ad😭😭😭

  22. for a while on a raw vegan diet you’re gonna feel like shit, ur body is getting rid of all the toxins and bad stuff in ur body now that you’re eating super health foods

  23. Love this video!! I’m only a vegetarian but I do raw when I can because it always makes me feel better. And eat more nuts when you eat raw. I eat one to two cups of walnuts a day and really notice if I miss a day

  24. I don't think you should be so scared to say negative things about a diet that you tried that made you rapidly lose weight and feel like crap. You followed recipes from an e book that is supposed to teach people how to eat a raw vegan diet. I think that this e book and information is dangerous for people who have eating disorders. You said, "I feel full and don't want to eat more! I'm losing more weight than I did on my juice fast." That is exactly why someone with an ED would gravitate to a diet like this. I think that people should know that following this diet in a healthy way is really hard.

  25. Most of that is water weight. That's also why people who start keto lose so much weight initially. On those kinds of diets the cells in your body are not holding on to water. Which is why keto diet followers need to add so much pink salt and electrolytes to their water to help keep their body in check. You could have also been experiencing a kind of "keto flu" or just the basic shock to your body.

  26. Just watched your videos for the first time and I’m already a fan!! Thank you for closed captioning your videos for deaf viewers like me ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  27. I loved your video! Thank you! How nice your partner did it with you 🙂 can you tell more please? Like energie, concentration, how things changed toilet wise 🙂

  28. Oh for goodness sake….another food obsessed person on YouTube. You people seriously need to get lives!!! Why worry so much about food? I'm 60, 5'9", weigh 145, and have ate whatever Ive wanted all my life. I'm perfectly healthy except for a little asthma. I feel sorry for you guys. LIVE, EAT, LOVE! Geez

  29. There is no fat what so ever in the food you had. Remember, when you have carrots and beets, you need to eat it with some kind of fat for it to be absorbed in to the body. Good luck with your other try out stuff. ; – )

  30. "Oh no! Am I not supposed to be drinking coffee?" …. Keeps drinking the coffee.

    HAHAHAH It's okay to drink coffee and eat raw vegan. 😀

  31. Vegans are ridiculous. most are actually unhealthy because bodies need protein and I can't see a lot of them getting enough of it through nuts. But hey, better than them than me.

  32. I can have a raw vegan meal, not even a raw vegan day. Sorry, I love the taste of foods, the act of chewy is an aerobic exercise for me. However, I give you credit for sticking to it and nixes the coffee.

  33. I felt the same way during day 4.

    I did a bunch of research. I think it had to do with the extremely low carb intake.

    People experience this on the ketogenic diet, calling it the keto flu.

  34. It,s weird but I never give my body a though when I was young I was thin and stay that way until I was 70:

  35. I believe a vegan diet is the best, and some meals can be raw, cuz itzzz tasty!!! But can't the shakiness be because of the coffee cut-out?

  36. every animal in nature eats raw. it is a transition from our addiction to cooked foods… 5 days is very short time to see a big change, it takes months, years to see and feel real changes. after doing special juice and dry fasting (master fast system) I have experienced the changes and can really live on less. realize that "nutrition" is a made up concept and I don't feel hunger, nor lose weight eating just fruits and salads.

  37. yeh, raw vegan is going gangbusters in Siberia, Russia, Mongolia, all the cold places…it doesnt work..ever

  38. You were coming off caffeine
    You went through caffeine withdrawals!!!!! Get off caffeine for a week before you go raw vegan again…..You're spaced out because you are having caffeine withdrawals. Stop focusing on the calories….The effects are from coming off caffeine!!!!!

  39. I think the reason you couldn't get enough calories in is because a lot of the raw vegan foods are very calorie light, and the main thing you should have focused on is eating a shit ton my nuts. Like if you just ate what you ate and like a cup of nuts, you probably would be a lot closer to your caloric needs, it would have added almost 1k calories to your day. But anyways people should just cook their food, there's a reason humans started cooking their food, it's because we need a ton of calories and raw food is way to calorie light to provide enough calories unless you eat all day, like I mean putting something in you're mouth and chewing hours upon hours constantly in a day.

  40. It is subjective what you is also a part of eating habits..You see,i live in Serbia,which is poor country,meaning—i don't have enough money for everything my body needs.And i'm a healthy vegetarian.You really exagerate..learn to cook,it'easy and good for your Americans are not so healthy nation,so make same changes..less food,longer life,better living,big orgasms!😉

  41. Your thumb nail caption is deceiving
    It says I lost too much weight but saw no clip or explanation about how much weight you lost or that even being an issue or something to inform ppl about /the reasoning behind that thumbnail.

  42. Matcha is typically a raw food and good (mostly clean) sub to coffee; unlike coffee it feels good and dosn't give me the jitters

  43. If you ate a mostly cooked or processed diet beforehand your stomach is used to small portions to big calorie ratio…so the same amount of raw food is much much more in volume for the same amount of calories; hence your dilemma…is best to ease into raw food if you have this issue and to include lots and LOTS of healthy fats if going all in…i actually enjoy high fat raw vegansim quite a bit (btw the ebook you got is actually titled in bold letter WEIGHT LOSS…raw vegans who stick to it and feel satisfied eat alot of fats and balance the fruit and veg from what ive seen lol)

  44. eating raw food although way lower in calories your body is getting highly digestible nutrients. You would need 3x the cooked food in calories to get the same benefits as raw

  45. The solution is more fruit! calorie density and carbohydrates. hydration. fiber. these are essential! processed fats and omega 6 fats are not as energizing

  46. I’m wondering if you were withdrawing from sugar. I’ve heard that this is a thing. Also, I feel like eating like that, you aren’t getting a ton of vitamins, fats, proteins and carbs that you need. That’s another reason you probably felt like garbage because it is not complete nutrition. Props to you for getting through it!

  47. Eating things like raw but butter and hemp hearts and avocado will boost your calories. Adding hemp hearts to salads and smoothies and sauces is a great way to get in the calories

  48. cold brew coffee is a thing and it's pretty tasty. (you leave coffee grinds in a pitcher or coffee press with cold water overnight and then filter out/press the grinds the next day) I think it's supposed to be less bitter and have a bit less caffeine than regular coffee, too.

  49. You are literally my new favorite youtuber saw one of your videos keep watching them watched the anna doll ones alot of the food ones astronomy pet mind reader i just love your opinion and voice and everything ahh best youtuber

  50. You can't maintain health on raw veganism. It goes against your biology. Our brains are too big and guts are too small to get our nutrition that way. All of veganism is harmful nonsense, but raw is just pure mental illness.

  51. Half of the stuff in your video series of trying things, I want to try too! But, in all honesty I don't have enough bravery to do it for a week.

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