How to Set Up a Low Maintenance Garden : What is Vertical Gardening?

I’m Doug Smiddy of Smiddy’s Gardening Services
here on behalf of and welcome to my garden. Today we’re here to talk about
low maintenance gardening. Since we’ve decided we’re going to keep our garden small and manageable
so it’s not too much of a burden and it always stays fun, another suggestion I have for you
is think of growing your garden vertically, use the space up and down. For instance we
have these lovely pole beans here, now string beans in general could be grown on a pole
bean which uses up this space. Imagine if this was laid down across this garden, how
much space it would take up. But this way I could get a voluminous amount of beans all
season long by planting these pole beans varieties as oppose to a bush bean. Bush beans are going
to be individual plants, they’re going to take up twice as much room. So you can use
pole beans like that and also behind me on these peas I’m using a vertical space to let
them climb up a trellis oppose to letting them take up all that space in the soil. So
I highly recommend using some vertical gardening and grow yourself some delicious beans, peas,
tomatoes. Use the space this way that way you have much space horizontally.

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