Hi this is Carl the landscape guy. Today I’ll be showing you a repair on my
riding lawnmower with a torn Hex-belt. It is a Yardpro ​​CRDH 145-36 tractor,
made by Electrolux. For the repair I will remove the mower deck,
install the new Hex-belt on the pulleys and re-assemble everything. This mower deck is also installed in many
other tractors with a similar design. I will add a list below in the description. If you know which other models fit to these
instructions, please write in the comments. Here you can see the ripped old belt. Since it’s severed, it’s easy to pull
out. I ordered a new belt online and you can find
a product link in the video description. Before you order spare parts, you should check
whether or not all the pulleys are intact, if not, you may need to replace those parts
also. Worn belts are partly due to a defective clutch
or broken pulleys. The repair should be done on a firm, level
surface. First the mower deck is lowered as low as
possible. Now I use a small ratchet with a 10mm socket
to remove the plastic covers on each side. Each cover is attached to the mower deck with
2 screws. Now the grass catcher bag is removed in order
to remove the chute bagger. The plastic chute is installed on the mower
deck and has to be removed in order to be able to pull out the mower deck. Next, the mower deck is loosened from the
5 links. 2 links up front, 2 on top
and 1 sway link in the back. They are attached to a bolt and secured with
a retainer spring. I pull it out and take out the bolt. If this is too difficult, the mower deck can
be lifted slightly until the bolt loosens easily. Taking it out is done relatively quickly,
without loosening the adjusting screws. Now the complete mower deck can be simply
pulled out sideways. Now, I check whether the mower deck is functioning
properly. The blades rotate silently and all the bearings
seem to be intact. Also the clutch, where the belt is attached
at the end, is fine. Now the new belt can be threaded onto the
mower deck according to the manual. After re-assembly, the belt can then be laid
over the clutch with help from the tensioner. Now the mower deck can be pushed under the
tractor again and placed in the center. Before the belt is pulled onto the clutch
pulley, the mower deck must be reconnected. To do that, reattach all 5 links and secure
the retainer springs. The easiest way is to hook up the upper and
rear links first. Then the mower deck can be lifted slightly,
and the front links will fall into place. The tensioner pulley can then be manually
pushed back and the belt can be placed over the clutch pulley. This model has an idler pulley installed so
that the belt does not run out too far. Now I check if the belt sits properly on all
the pulleys. When everything is all set, the protective
covers are put back on both sides. The chute bagger can now be reattached and
refastened. The repair is completed and the function of
the mower deck can now be tested. Here you can see that the new belt runs properly
over all pulleys and works the deck as desired. Now here’s a little tip: Your belt holds
up significantly longer, if you run the engine on half throttle while starting the mower
deck and then go back to full throttle after the deck is running. So it doesn’t rub on the clutch pulley and
will last longer. Finally, I can finish my mowing rounds. I hope this video helps with your repair. Product links are available in the video description. Check out my channel for other interesting
landscaping videos and please don’t forget to subscribe. If you liked this video, give it a thumbs
up and leave a comment below. Thank you for watching and until next time,
I’m Carl the landscape guy.

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