How to Plant Winter Vegetable Gardens : How to Plant Spinach

Hello, everyone. I’m David Rodriguez, extension
horticulturalist with the Texas AgriLife Extension Services. On behalf of expert village, we’re
going to show you some cool season vegetables that you can plant in late winter so that
you can have some real nice delicious spring harvests. We have some beautiful spinach.
This is a great time to plant spinach. This is a six-pack of some real nice transplants.
Let’s talk about the irrigation system. When you turn that irrigation system, you want
to plant directly, and see how loose that soil is. It’s well prepared bed there. Real
good loose soil. You simply dig a little hole. You can do it with your hand and that’s how
loose that soil is. Plant the plants even with the soil level. Lightly pat them in.
Now we know that that water is getting directly on that little transplant there so we know
it’s not going to be dry the next day. You simply dig a hole right where that water source
is. Real easily, nothing fancy. Back fill it with that good garden mix that we put in
that soil. Remember this garden mix also has some slow release organic fertilizer that
we use about three pounds per hundred square feet and vegetables are short-term crops.
What we’ll do in about two to three weeks is we’ll use the high accelerated inorganic
or chemical fertilizer and we’ll supplement them again. Remember those inorganic accelerated
fertilizers are very high in nitrogen. We want to get these plants to grow real heavy
especially these real leafy crops like we have this beautiful spinach.

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