How To Plant Seeds, Start Your Vegetable Garden Early Grow Lights Indoors Germinating Seeds CC

I previously wasn’t going to use the jiffy strips but i decided to use them we found this tip of filling up like up to here … of regular soil and then filling up the rest of it with seed starter, so that you put your seeds on the top and then as the seed – well it doesn’t have a lot of nutrients in the seed starter and then as it starts to sprout and everything, and it’s big enough you can grow down its roots into the soil and then you don’t have to transfer these out and into one of these with soil. so that works. but; unfortunately i’m out of regular soil right now and I have a lot of seed starter (sings) “seed starter!” I’m just going to go ahead and put them in here, and then transfer them later on when i have a chance to go buy from the regular soil when they’re big engouh, so I was previously going to do this this would be the easy way . I wouldn’t have to do all that work all over again but I since I want to get started on this, and it’s been storming stroming storming. I don’t feel like driving far to a store so I’m gonna go ahead and do this and it’s going to be a couple of weeks or a week or two before i have to transfer them, oh it’s fun anyway, it’s a hobby of mine so don’t mind okay so I got my seed starter stuff here … and here’s one of the peat pots trays and I going to go ahead and start filling these up … some people just drench the whole thing and… you don’t want to do that with peat pots go ahead and pick this up put it into my tray like I said you want to keep them nice and moist , so I am going to moist these down try not to get the actual peat pot that wet. i just just want the starting mix moist. You might be wondering why use the starter mix why don’t you just use regular soil? starter mix has a bit less nutrients , it is better for your seeds you can use regular soil i guess, I mean: you can plant your seed outside, so obviously use can use regular good soil but… it just makes it easier for the roots of seed to reach out through this because it’s a lighter mix; real light and so that the roots can branch out a little bit easy. How deep do I plant the seeds? a butternut squash seed it says to plant them about 1 inch, if you get a ruler and you look at the measurements it’s about double the size of whatever the seed is, so I mean if you have a seed that’s just a tiny little speck you just want to really throw it on top of the mix/soil, so that you just kind of like tap it in because you want it like barely on the top so with a seed like this plant about 1 inch – you look at the ruler, one inch deep and you want to pick one that is filled here… now I want to make sure that these are deep enough for these seeds and one-inch i’m just going to go ahead and make a little groove, i will go and inch deep ; go down and we’re going to throw two or three seeds in plant alease two or three each, because not all seeds germinate so cover it backup I want to do one more here, because I want to plant at least three butternut squash nice deep; one inch deep when you are planting; make sure you label what you plant so you know what you planted now that you know what you planted; you want to make sure these are really moist ; so go through them again; make sure they are moist so the seed has enough water to germinate always get a good spray bottle you know, filled with water so now, i’m showing you these are oregano seeds and literally they’re smaller than a tip lead of a pencil, they are super super super super can you can see exactly how small these ; but we’re talking not centimeters, maybe millimeters so you might want to think how to plant these like I said double its size so basically you’re just gonna barely sprinkle these on the top of your soil basically i put them on the tip of the lable here and I’m just going to actually just sprinkle them right on top of the top of the soil and try to make sure that they’re centered but what I noticed about planting oregano is when they start growing they end up all over the place, like they flew when I was trying to put them in and that’s fine as long as you just be careful they’re really really tiny so just barely even touch it tap it that’s basically digging in and I mean just just barely going like that… tapping the top of the soil basically it’s in there go ahead and I put four in there so I mean at least one or two of them are going to germinate and then very very lightly spray the water – that is all you have to do what’s handy about having a spray bottle is it’s really nice on the soil it’s very gentle not pouring water on there; you know? anything like ; when you have a spout spray bottles are perfect for germinating your seeds ; i have some purple basil here it going to plant next to my oregano so i am going to go and just sprinkle that try to get them; all at the right spot “centered” so when they come out ; they come out next to each other, and just tap them in you can even trow a little bit of mix barely barely in there look really closely make sure that there’s no seeds on the top but I mean it should be a little bit underneath barely they are in there barely under the surface it’s about that much on top that much soils sitting on top of the seeds yeah like I said small seeds are whatever this side of the size of the seed is it’s double if the seed 1/2 inch ; plant the seed 1 inch if it seed is a speck ; we just barely throw it on top and tap it in so I have everything set up underneath my grow light here , and i’m going to go ahead and put on the light going to have thse lights on a timer since I just planted these I am going to go ahead and leave on tonight since it’s late and then set my timer tomorrow I actually did a video tutorial on how to set these timers, you can find them pretty cheap at you know “Home Depot” so basically these little pegs come up and down so if I were to pull these up ; see? so as long as these are all down it will stay on ‘ lights on’ as the timer it’s almost eleven o’clock right now- so you want to set the (time now) and then let’s say you want to turn the light off at a certain time ; lets say off at 6am you know we put pull the peg up and start taking these all up and i’ll be off ; it’ll turn off automatically at 6am until seven and then we’ll come back on eight so i’m going to actually set tomorrow so Iam going to actually set the timer tomorrow ; running where it comes on at 6am and then turns off you know around 9pm i’m just going to go ahead and have these lights on all night because I just transplanted for this evening and as you can see these ones are LED lights. what’s cool about these is if you put your money into them they should last about 15 years; could maybe even 20 years so you know it’s definitely worth it especially if you get a good price . Which I did, and then you can start your little garden of a little bit earlier I got on all of these some early jalapenos, black beauty eggplants, tomatoes are down here and um I will keep you guys updated on the growth of these so you guys can see exactly how when they start germinating

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  1. i started in December whit some tomatoes they are the second generation of tomato hybrids i made black from tula x sun gold . peppers and chili can live for manny years i keep them in pots but sometimes they can get insects on them that are difficult to get rid off.

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