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Orchid Arrangement Hi, I’m Nico de Swert, floral designer and style
expert for pottery barn As a floral designer I’ve been collecting
vases and vessels over the years and one of the vases that I can highly recommend
are these basic square and rectangle vases from pottery barn They’re easy in design and very versatile. What
we’re going to do is we’re going to bring nature inside with all these beautiful seasonal grasses.
We have bear grass, corn grass, we have some beech tree branches and the piece de resistance
which is a little sophistication in this arrangement is this beautiful phalaenopsis orchid.
Now we’re going to start with the different kinds of grasses, taking a bundle of each pile. The first one is the bear grass, I’m just going to put it
in here and basically just piling it up, and you don’t really need to think what’s going to go where,
you just take the bundles, stick it in the vase and pile it up Until the case is really jam packed full. Here you go – both of them assembled and as you
can see two individual arrangements put together creates an instant show stopper. And to finish this off, we’re going to add some sophistication
with these beautiful white phalaenopsis. Some of them are going to face into a water tube
and the reason for that is because the stems are not long enough and if I want to place them high up
in the arrangement like that they’re not going to reach the water level. So first what we’re going to do, is add some
water to both of the vessels. Just about fill it up to two inches from the rim, and then we’re going to start adding the orchids. Some of them in the water tubes, placing them high up like that. Some of them can go directly into the water. You can adjust this at the end on your place that you’re going
to place this arrangement. and there you have it, a simple arrangement to
assemble that’s going to wow your guests. Orchid Arrangement
Two Pottery Barn Rectangular Vases
Seasonal Grasses – Bear Grass, Corn Grass, Beach Tree Grass
Half Dozen Orchids
Half Dozen Water Tubes Please visit
for more flower arranging ideas from Nico De Swert.

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7 thoughts on “How to Make Simple Grass and Orchid Arrangements | Pottery Barn

  1. What a strikingly beautiful, yet easy arrangement. You could probably use different flowers with this technique of using water tubes for each flower and, if necessary, gently wiring the flowers to the grasses.

  2. nico u are amazing and super talented i always love flower arranging but have no clue where to begin… until i
    found ur tutorials i felt the light bulb turn on me in my head. u are
    god angel sent from above to help
    ppl like me who always have an interest in flower arranging. thanks a
    million for ur great advices! can u do a tutorial together using just the simple red roses and gladious i wanted to make such arrangement for my narrow hallway from the main entry front doors? thank u once again!!

  3. You've changed suddenly on the playlist – a bit wierd but you are still absolutely brilliant – thank you. xxx h

  4. Merci, Nico!  I think I liked the arrangements BEFORE the orchids… in Sausalito, California

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