How to make silk flower centerpiece in cube vase

In this demo, we are going to make a small silk flower centerpiece in the cube vase. First obtain a cube vase in any color. Get a floral anchor pin and florist putty. Put the putty at the base (flat side) of the anchor pin. Stick the anchor pin at the base of the cube vase. Cut a piece of dry floral foam for silk flower arrangement. Make the foam a bit higher than the cube. Trim the foam around to make sure it can fit in the container. Put some hot glue at the base of the foam and anchor pin. Push the foam into the cube. Use the waterproof floral tape to secure the dry foam. Since I don’t want to show the foam from the sea through glass, I cover the cube with some fabric. Glue a strip of poly ribbon around the fabric. And make a little bow at front for decoration. This is the side view of the decorated cube. Start to prepare the silk leaves. I used the silk flower pick machine to add extension of the leaves. Use wire cutter to cut the silk flowers. Arrange the silk flowers in the cube first before adding the leaves. After adding all the flowers in the arrangement, insert the leaves all around it. Here we go~ A small cube centerpiece with mixed silk flowers.

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