How to make Paper flowers Stocks / Matthiola incana (Flower # 4)

hi today we learn how to make stocks for this you need 3 complementary
colors which is a medium color a light color and a dark color, a green color
crepe paper for the leaves, scissors, floral tape, a bit of tissue paper, a thick
straight wire, a thin flexible wire you’ll need to make stencils for this which are all measured in centimeters first is a stencil of a petal which is cut out
in seven pieces of the dark colour, thirty six pieces of the medium color and 14
piece of the light colour. the second is a bud, you need to cut out
8 pieces of the green color one piece of the dark color and another one piece of
the medium third is stencil of a leaf, we need to cut out four pieces of green color you need to cut a half a centimeter slit
in between on the base. after you’ve cut the stencils out you take the piece of the bud, you
stretch it out now you take a bit of the tissue paper curl it into a ball and you place it in between of the crepe
paper, you fold it like this and you hold the top of it so that it curls into a ball It should look like a nice neat ball, you keep pressing it now you take the thin flexible wire, tie it tightly around the bud. and then you twist the ends Cut off the extra and this is the bud, now you take a bit of the green floral tape you tie it all around the bud from
the starting till the end. for the semi flower, take a medium
color petal and a light color petal you place both of them on top of each other
using your thumb and forefingers you push its end forming a pleat in between.
take thin flexible wire and tie it loosely around the petals and cut off the extra now you bend
the petals and take the wire again and tie it
around the base of the flower to tighten it. twist the wire and cut off the extra now you open up the petals and placing both your thumb and fore
fingers on top of the petals you pull the petal in opposite direction so
that it forms the frills this is called crimping do the same
with the rest of the petals after you’ve crimped the flower it will look like this and
you take the green floral tape and wind it all around the wire. Now you take two of
medium and two of light color you place both the light in between the
medium colour In same way you did for the
previous flower you make a pleat in between take a wire and tie a loose loop now you have to open up the petals
like this 2 petals on both the side make sure you
don’t tear the paper be careful with this and then you close them so that it forms an addition sign now you take the wire and wind it around
the base of the flower to tighten it. twist the wire open up the petals and you crimp every petal just like
you did with the previous flowers. you need to make 10 buds in which eight are of green color
and one is of medium and the other ones are of dark colour 2 semi flower with light color inside and medium color outside 1 with medium color inside and dark color outside three flowers with 2 petals of dark colour and two petals of
medium color then five flowers with 2 light color petals outside and 2 medium color petals inside two petals of white outside seven flowers with two petals of light
color inside and2 petals of medium colour outside and 2 leaves. Take a 24
inch long wire Wind a bit of tissue paper in the lower
end and then tighten it using the thin wire. you take five of the green
buds, put them together and push one of them a bit above the rest then you put them around the wire and
using the floral tape, tape them and leaving a gap of three
centimeters each you tape the green and the color buds alternatively. after you
taped the buds, it will look like this. now you take the semi flowers and you tape them in a similar manner by leaving a 3 centimeter gap each after you’ve taped
the semi flowers it will look like this now you take the dark and medium color
flowers and tape them in the single manner leaving a 3 centimeter gap each.
after you put the dark and medium color flowers it look like this make
sure that you tape the flowers around the wire in a circular motion so that
the whole wire is covered now you take the medium and light
color outside flowers and tape them in the similar manner leaving a 3 centimeter
gap after you put the flowers you put the
rest of the remaining seven flowers in the similar manner living a 3 centimeter
gap each. After you taped all the flowers it look like this now you need to put
the leaves, leave a gap of 5 centimeter and then take one of the leaves and you put the slit onto the wire and then tape it. After you put the leaves, it will look like this, now you open the leaves and the flowers this is how it look like after you open
all the flowers and here’s this stocks.

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65 thoughts on “How to make Paper flowers Stocks / Matthiola incana (Flower # 4)

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