How to make Paper Flowers Gladioli / Glads / Gladiolus (Flower # 27)

hi today we will learn how to make gladioli for the gladioli, you require crepe paper in green color and any floral color that you like a thin wire floral green tape, an orange color or any color matching with your crepe paper pen pips,matching with the crepe paper a thick wire some tissue paper and glue all the measurements for the stencils are in centimeters first is petal ‘A’ this is 7.5 centimeter by 5.5 you have to cut three pieces of this then this is petal ‘B’ this is 4 centimeter by 7 centimeter cut two pieces then we have another petal, petal ‘C’ this is 7.5 centimeter by 4.5 centimeter cut one piece of this then for the bud this is almost a square 7.5 x 7.5 centimeters with rounded corners cut two pieces of this then we have another bud a smaller bud this is 6.5 centimeter by 5 centimeter cut two pieces of this then a stamen of the same paper floral paper this is 6.5 x 0.5 centimeter cut one piece and then a sepal, this is 5.5 centimeter by 2.5 centimeter you have to cut as many flowers and buds that you have you have to cut 2 pieces per flower and bud for the closed bud you take one sepal and you stretch it in the center apply glue on the edges now you make a ball of the cotton wool and put on the center of the sepal and close the edges overlapping than a bit one on top of the other try to close on the top also to make a point now tie the base of the bud with a wire twist the wire a couple of times and then wind it, twist it and close the end now you take another sepal piece stretch itagain in the center apply glue all around on the edges and stick it round the first one the bud that we’ve made on it just closing the edges so you have a pointed bud this is how it looks and I have made another one like this for the medium bud we will take this smaller bud the paper which we cut and you crimp the top that is you pull the edge of the paper in opposite directions with your fingers gently so that you get a frilly effect like this now you roll the paper after we rolled it take a sepal and put it slightly lower than the top of the bud and just put it around it holding it securely and then take a piece of wire thin wire and tie the base of the bud with it like that wind it around a couple of times tightly then twist the wire together after we have tied it with wire take a second sepal apply glue on the edge slightly and on the base of the sepal and stick it right opposite the point should be right opposite the first point this is how the buds will look and I have made 2 like this for the biggest bud we take the biggest cut out again crimp the top and we make the bud in the same way roll it up and then stick the sepal on it this is how it’ll look and again I have made 2 of these now you take the thin stamen piece and on one end cut about half a centimeter long slits very thin slits basically dividing the stamen in three then with scissors only pull them so that they curl a bit and then now just roll the holding the paper in your hand between your finger and thumb roll the paper tightly pressing it tightly so to become very thin tubular structure do it twice take three pips and cut off one side of it then hold them slightly below the about one centimeter below the top of the stamen apply glue and just roll it so that the all four stick together now you take peta,l one petal ‘A’ and two pieces of petal ‘B’ first we with an orange pen we’re going to shade on the bottom part of the petals all the three petals. this just shows the throat of the flower so just shade it and with the light hand after you shaded the petals, take glue and apply it at an angle on petal ‘A’ stem and stick one petal ‘B’ at quite an angle on it like this and similarly on the other side stick the other petal now apply glue in the same way at a slant in forming a triangle on one petal and then fold the petal over on the other petal and stick it to form a tube leave a little opening on the end you can insert a pencil through to rest the petal and then stick it so this is how it will look take two petal ‘A’ and one petal ‘C’ and apply glue on the side of the petal just in a straight line along the edge of the stem and then stick the other petal on top the petals are straight this time and again the third petal and let it dry now in the similar manner as we did earlier apply glue on the edge just on the edge and then fold the petals over and stick together to form tube now you take the smaller the first round that we’d made and insert the stamen pips through it It should come out through the hole like that now insert this inside the other cone that we’ve made of petals but we should keep in mind that the petal ‘A’ of the first one should be in the middle of the other two petal ‘As’ of the other cone so this is how it’ll look now we will tie the bottom with a thin wire after we tied with the wire open a petal out and with the help of scissors just pull the petals gently so that it curls and then give it shape curled shape and then give a crease in the center by folding the petal outwards press it with your nails should have a sharp crease because gladioli petals all of them show a vein in the center and then fold the petal again so this is what we will do with all the pedals except for the first petal ‘A’ the innermost petal ‘A’ now we left with petal ‘A of the inner whorl so we don’t need to curve this you just need to give crease to it just fold it outwards press it with your nails so you have a crease like this . this petal stays up right now we are going to crimp the edges of all the petals pull the paper gently between your fingers and thumb so you have a you want ripples all around after we have crimped the petals this is how the flower would look now we are going to put the sepals on it so take one sepal cut out and apply glue halfway on it. and stick this on the base of the petal on the flower putting around the wire like this now we going to stick this other sepal right opposite the first one so now i have made three flowers 2 larger buds two small ones and two closed buds now we going to assemble all of them take the tissue paper and fold it in half twice and then put some glue on one side and wind it round the thick wire starting from one end just wind the whole tissue paper now you take one closed bud put it on top of the wire and wind the thin wire of the bud round it then you take the green floral tape put some glue first on the wire all around on the bud also take the tape and wind it starting from the top then take the second bud and position it about halfway on the first bud and again wind the thin wire around the stem then wind the green tape on it now we take the floral tape now we take the smaller bud and again position it like this and wind the tape over after i have wrapped around this much all the buds and this much of the wire we will take the flower you put it here and then the same way as we did for the bud we going to wind the green floral tape on it after we’ve tied all the flowers and buds open them out a bit away from the stem like this and the buds just a bit not too much because most of the gladioli buds are very close on it just position them and here’s your gladioli stem

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71 thoughts on “How to make Paper Flowers Gladioli / Glads / Gladiolus (Flower # 27)

  1. Urvashi the gladioli looks real.The tips that you used in gladioli are different from the ones available in the market. Can we make it on our own.

  2. beautiful am making some for my mothers eightieth birthday are a very clever lady.thank you for your inspiration

  3. Hi .. your makings are really wonderful.. After watching ur video I tried to make one flower.. I tried to make Gladiolus and hyacinth flower and i got very good result.. I gave as a gift to my husband and he got surprised my handmade flower … Am really happy with his appreciation.. now am trying to make other flowers which you posted… Appreciate your great hand work.. keep us posting like this works always……. thks a lot

  4. Hello!!
    Thanks alot for ur tutorial its so gorgeous! !!!
    I'd like to know whats the type of paper u use… like its not normal paper since it stretches with u o.o
    Thanks! !

  5. Thanks for tutorial.. This is how mine looks.

  6. Thank you sooooo much for giving the measurements for those of us that don't have access to printers all the time!!! They're beautiful. Going to make some for my sister's wedding

  7. Hola!! están preciosas tus flores tendré q regresar el video varias veces o ponerlo en alto para no perderme detalles, me encantan, ya me suscrivi por q la verdad vale la pena hacerlos, tienen parecido a las reales, gracias por compartir, bendiciones 🙂

  8. Thank you so much and the Lord bless you for sharing! I love all your flowers, but this might be my favorite! How about you? What is your favorite? I bought everything I need I forgot pips, so I made some, and am going to try to make one of these today!!!

  9. super!
    the best flowers of gladiolus on YouTube! thank you!
    обязательно сделаю такой цветок в подарок, жалко, что на русском нет таких видео

  10. Do you sell the stencils or have them online where I can download them? I want to use these for my wedding they are beautiful!

  11. Hi Urvashi, I just subscribed to your channel! You made the most gorgeous flowers and my favorites! I love making flowers and will have fun using your tutorials. Thanks so much!! 🙂 xo

  12. The paper you are using whether it is duplex paper or simple crepe much is the gsm of the we are not getting that type of paper

  13. Hi Urvashi, I finally made my first one and it came out beautiful!!!!!!Thank you again for the fun tutorial. I love these flowers so much! Now I'm going to make more 🙂 xo

  14. Ur supper talented… I learnt making many flowers from ur videos n all gifted to my close ones.. They were really impressed… Learning since long from ur videos but got to post a comment today.
    ☺️please keep inspiring

  15. No hay necesidad de hablar tanto, con una buena cámara bien enfocada , mostrando lo que haces , es mas que suficiente.

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