How to Make Organza Fabric Flowers + Tulle Flower Tutorial

Hello, welcome to my channel! This is one of my favorite creation and
I call this as Olla Flower These are my Olla Flowers and here’s the
closer look To make this flower, I use organdy (organza) and tulle fabric If you haven’t watched my tutorial about how I cut a perfectly flower shape fabric, please see the description below and now I’ll give you a quick view on
how I cut the fabric to make this flower I searched this five petals flower
template on Google, you can use any flower shape as long as it’s five petals We have cut this organdy (organza) fabric, now it’s the tulle fabric Organdy (organza) and tulle fabrics are easier to
cut than satin or chiffon And there you can see they were
perfectly cut! We need seven pieces for each flower
petals To arrange this Olla Flower, take the
organdy (organza) and tulle fabric Lay on top of each other fold down add a dab of glue to hold them in
place Take the second one and I’ll refer this
as layer no.2 we put this layer no.2 on top of
layer no.1 and take the next one now put this layer no.3 on top of
layer no.2 and the last one put this layer no.4 on top of layer no.3 and next, put this layer no.1 on top
layer no.4 Make another one, except this time we
only use three layers Let’s see how I arrange this Now attach these two pieces together Take the stamen or pistil, I like to
use two colors and we attach them to the center of the flower and look! Our Olla Flower is done! If you like my tutorial, please like,
share, and SUBSCRIBE! Thank you for watching~

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9 thoughts on “How to Make Organza Fabric Flowers + Tulle Flower Tutorial

  1. Hello your flowers are just absolutely Exquisite thank you for sharing your stunning talent I have subscribed to you xx ❤️🧚‍♀️🦋🌷🌹🌸

  2. That’s very pretty. Thank you for sharing. I’m new to your channel. I was looking around and I find your channel was best.

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