How To Make GIANT Yahtzee For Your Lawn!

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100 thoughts on “How To Make GIANT Yahtzee For Your Lawn!

  1. 6 sided add up to 7 on opposing sides other dice equal 1 plus the number of faces ie a 8 sided dice always equals 9

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  3. Is this man showing me how to make wooden cubes with stickers on them to play outside with? Smh who goes outside anymore

  4. fun fact: someone decided to kick one of those at my friend and it hit them in the lip and they needed 2 stiches

  5. You can also use circle cutter bits for the dots and perhaps a bit of paint afterward and make a more lasting effect on the dice!
    With the plus of it looking a million times better!

  6. You actually made me mad. You say that a 4×4 isn't truly a 4×4, and then you make all the marks at once. This will make your cubes uneven, because when you cut it, it gets rid of some wood.

  7. Thank you so much, my Mom has been bugging me and my brother about making a game to play in the yard to compare with Giant Jenga. Seems simple too. Thanks again!

  8. Who TF play Yahtzee now a days?!! It's fucking 2017, go play some PS4 or Masturbate all day for some Entertainment!

  9. if you add 9+9+9, and then find the closest number to the result (larger one it + what) =? then multiply that result by 3. then divide that number by 10, what do you get as a result? 50% get it right.

  10. How do you play yahtzee (or yardzee)? You just put all the dice in a bucket and roll them on the lawn? That's it?! Pardon me but…where's the fun in that? It's just boring.

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  12. Thanks for sharing 🙂 …. wondering if you could (if you already havent) compile a "Play All" of your epis on one list for me to have for reference etc. …. thanks again 🙂

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