How to Make Flowers with Lace Fabric

Hello, this is Risa from Anjurisa Welcome to my channel! In this video, I’m going to show you how to make this beautiful, pretty, yet so easy to make flower If this is your first time to my channel,
please hit the SUBSCRIBE button It motivates me to keep making videos I use lace fabric for this flower It has a beautiful texture on one side To cut this fabric into this flower shape, I use a soldering iron If you haven’t watch my tutorial about cutting fabric with soldering iron, please see the description below I even show how to make our own templates Prepare the fabric and determine the right side and the wrong side of the fabric My suggestion is always cut from the wrong side of the fabric We heat up the soldering iron and start cutting with our template like this I searched all my templates from Google You can search this template with the keyword: “5 petals flower template” Cut a small hole in the center You can see the shape is very nice Make 5 pieces of this flower shape You can see the other 4 pieces, we don’t need to cut the center To arrange the flower, add a dab of glue and fold it in half, we will put these flower shape fabric on top of each other like this Take the last one and attach them together Take the stamens or pistils, we will put this right in the center of our flower To finish this flower, cut and secure with hot glue Our beautiful flower is done! Thanks for watching, if you like this tutorial, please like, comment, share, and SUBSCRIBE!

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13 thoughts on “How to Make Flowers with Lace Fabric

  1. Can you tell me what soldering iron do you use? Is it just your normal tool you buy at Home Depot? In one of your tutorials you used a tip for pleating the flower. I was looking on Amazon I did not see any tip like that. Where would I buy this? I am a new subscriber and I love your tutorials. Thank You.

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