How to make corsage boutonniere wristlet from fresh flower

In this demo, we are going to make a fresh flower corsage / boutonniere. Carnation, leatherleaf ferns and baby’s breaths are used in this demo. Get some green florist tape. Cut some thin florist wires about 6 inches long. Get a stem of carnation and some baby’s breaths. Cut the carnation stem short about 1.5 inch. Poke the florist wire through the base part of the flower as shown. Bend the wire and twist wire down along flower stem. Use the green florist tape and start taping down from the base of the flower. Tape the stem and the wire together. Here’s the wired flower stem all taped down. Arrange a small baby’s breath stem with the flower. Tape them together. Wire and tape up some small stems of baby’s breaths. Tape the wired baby’s breath together with the flower. Prepare to add the foliage. Cut off some small leatherleaf ferns that fit the size of the flower bunch. Here we got three pieces. One for the back, the other two will add to right/left side of the flower. Add the biggest piece to the back of the flower bunch. Add the other two smaller pieces of fern to left and right side of flower. Use green floral tape to tape the ferns and wired flower bunch together. Get a long stip of fabric ribbon. Cut a piece of thin floral wire. Loop the ribbon about 3-4 inches apart per loop. Place the thin wire at the middle of the loop. Hold the loop at the middle part and bend down the wire. Twist the wire down tightly to secure the ribbon. Tape the wire part of the ribbon to make it into a ribbon pick. Arrange the ribbon pick and the flower bunch together. Place the ribbon at the front. Tape the ribbon pick together with the flower bunch. Cut the excess stems and wires with wire cutter. Tape up the prickly part at the bottom so the wires won’t stick out while wearing it. Here we go~ You can wear the flower with corsage or boutonniere pins. The smaller pin is usually for boutonniere. The longer pin is for corsage. This is the side view of the corsage. If you want to make the pin-on corsage into a wristlet, get a elastic wristlet band from a florist or floral supply store. (ie Michaels Store) This is how the elastic wristlet band looks like. There are usually some other different models available. I like to tape the metal part first so people won’t feel uncomfortable while wearing it. Tape up both sides of the metal part. Once all taped up, the sharp edge of the wristlet won’t cut the skin while wearing it. Now get the pin-on corsage we just made earlier. Place it on top of the metal clip part of the wristlet band. This is the view from back side. Fold the metal clip part of the wristlet band toward the flower stem to secure the corsage onto the band. Tape the stem with the folded metal part together. Tape the metal middle part of the wristlet to make sure the corsage won’t come loose while wearing it. You can use other type of the flower to make your own corsage. Here we go~ A corsage wristlet all done. Spray some water to the flower to keep flower fresh before your event. If not wearing it, you can put it in the fridge to keep the freshness. In this demo, Clear Crowning Glory solution was used.

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