How to Make Chocolate Fountain : Choosing Chocolate For Chocolate Fountains

Hi this is David from The Big Easy Catering
Company in Santa Barbara California for Today we are doing the chocolate fountain
which is a great center piece of any party. It is always fun and today this part I want
to talk to you about is the type of chocolate that you would use. Depending on the type
of chocolate that you have. If you are using for instance this Nestle chocolate this isn’t
what they call premium chocolate which is usually 40% cocoa Ghiradelli is. So you would
use different amount of oil for this. So the if you are not using premium you would just
use more oil in this case you would use 8 cups of this 48 ounces of the chips you would
use a half of cup of oil. When you are using the premium chocolate which would usually
say right on the bag. This is Ghiradelli like I said before you would use less oil. So for
the 48 ounces you would just use one cup when you mix this together which we will be showing
you shortly. This is really great chocolate I prefer this one but this is what you usually
could find in most grocery stores.

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