How to make a fresh flower gift basket

Get a small square basket with plastic liner in it. Cut a bigger piece of pre-soaked wet foam. Place the big piece in the liner with other smaller blocks around. Secure blocks with waterproof floral tapes. Place the plastic liner with secured foam blocks back to the basket. Cut small pieces of boxwood stems. Arrange them around the foam. Arrange some salal leaves around. Start to arrange the flowers. Here I got some two-tone purple lisianthus and their buds. Insert some purple asters all around. Arrange more flowers in. Flowers used: carnations, alstroemerias, daisies and purple statice flowers. Add some pittosporum stems in the arrangement to complete it. Lovely gift floral basket all done~ Get a small round basket with plastic liner in it. Same procedure here. Add the wet foam in the liner. Secure it with waterproof floral tapes. Green the foam with leather leaf ferns all around. Make a pink fabric bow and tie it on the basket handle. Insert some roses in 4 directions. Add pink carnations, purple asters and baby’s breaths. Insert white daisies, yellow alstroemerias. Fill the gaps with more baby’s breaths. Another lovely flower gift basket done~ Container used is a decorated plastic pot. It’s waterproof so no need to place a liner. Trim a pre-soaked wet foam and make it fit into the pot. Push the wet floral foam into the pot. Cut the leather leaf ferns into smaller pieces and green the foam. Insert the gerbera daisy stems into the wet foam. Leave the daisy stems longer to make them look like they grow out from the pot. Here we go~~

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