How to Draw a Landscape With Trees and Lake, With Fountain Pen

Hello my friends and welcome
to another Tuesday of tutorial! I am Leonardo Pereznieto and
today we will draw a landscape with fountain pen. This landscape will have a lake
on the lower part of it. So I begin by drawing the line that divides
the grass and earth, from the water. Since this ink, cannot be erased,
I am doing the lines, the lightest I can as a sketch. For this, most of the time I flip
the pen around. And the I make all over them,
a little bit … wider, with the pen used normally. The bark of these trees
have the bottom part, a little bit darker and then some darker
spots, but most of it is lighter … close to white. As you see for the long parallel lines,
vertical ones, I´m not doing them solidly. They are a bit broken or dotted
that´s because I don´t want them too evident, I don´t want them to show
too much. I´ll make some small branches, coming
from the main trunk. And the shadows I make them with short lines, that usually follow the shape, of the trunk or the part that I am doing. And let´s draw some grass! Remember that twice a month I
upload long tutorial videos to my Patreon account. If you want to learn more, you are
welcome to subscribe, I leave the link below the video. Also the list of materials that I am
using for this drawing is in the information below the video. We continue sketching trunks
and rendering the shade. I love drawing trees! it is so relaxing,
and I love so much drawing with a fountain pen. Specially the feeling of how it
glides on the paper. This little drawing will be pretty
simple, and I think easy to do. But so enjoyable. And let´s draw some faraway
trees over there by the horizon. Very good! I try to keep those
as light is possible, so that they look more faraway. And what is closer will be a little
bit thicker. Now, the reflection of the water. This is one of my favorite parts. We have the shadow of the grass
and its reflection on the water. And also the reflection of the trees
of course. I do this with curly lines. I want to share with you
one of my favorite art quotes, here you go: ¨Not only
practice your art, but force your way into its secrets,
for it and knowledge can rise men to the divine.¨ Ludwing Van Beethoveen If you would like to share with me an art
quote, please write it in the comments. I may read it in future videos. If you enjoyed it,
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on Tuesday 🙂 Subtitled by Grethel Trejo

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