How to buy Cheaper filters for lawn mowers and small engines

this is a 22 horse Briggs & Stratton
engine this one to show you a way you can save some money when you’re
maintaining these things the filters that got a Briggs & Stratton name on
them are about 15 bucks but purolator filters will fit in there four bucks and
they’re actually better filters I just thought I’d pass that on and I’ll show
you this logo on here yeah I’m out of breath I had to catch an escaped chicken
this is a 27 horse Koller command and I’ve got an oversize
frame on there that gives it about Oh half a cup or a cup more oil I don’t
know houses up anyway but this is the filter that goes on that again it’s way
cheaper than the Kohler filters like by a third that’s a third what the Kohler
filters would cost plus it’s a bigger filter and holds more oil thought I’d
show you a little money saving tip there that’s when I’ve got a head gasket gone
bad on it and I gotta take the cowling off I got a whole bunch of work to do
this and since I’m going to have it apart I’m going to go ahead and pull
both hit heads off and and replace both gaskets I got 400 hours on this thing
and these Kohler commands are good engines but the head gaskets especially
the one on the right are notorious for blowing and I didn’t know that I thought
I had a carburetor carburetor that needed to be rebuilt because this thing
was surging and it would straighten out when you pull the choke out a little bit
and but I started losing oil and I couldn’t figure out where I was losing
oil that it’s not smoking it’s not burning it and I looked underneath there
to see if it was maybe coming out the crankshaft seal on the bottom and it
ain’t and then I did a little more poking around and on the other side
there I can see where oil is leaking out around the head gasket so I have to fix that the kits about oh I
think it’s right out of hundred bucks for both sides alright and I just wanted
to show you the money saving tips with the filters they’re better filters for a
third with the brand name Kohler and Briggs & Stratton filters go for thanks
for watching

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35 thoughts on “How to buy Cheaper filters for lawn mowers and small engines

  1. Surely you're not saying that companies are taking money from folks under false pretenses? LOL

    Good tips….

    I just wish I was as handy as you are with Mechanical projects.

  2. Great video!!  I've been using the Purolator filters for the lawnmowers for a long time.  A little advice, I will NEVER use a Fram oil filter.  I had one that blew a hole in the side while I was driving my truck.  If I hadn't been looking at the oil gauge and watched it go to zero, I would have pumped out all of the oil in the engine.  I called Fram and they basically told me "tough rocks"
    I'll NEVER use them again!! 

  3. Yeah, go with what works and costs the least. Replacing the gaskets yourself is way cheaper than buying a new mower or paying a repair bill. I have to do the simple stuff, replace the plug and wire, then I'm good to go! Mowing season, got to love it better than snow blower season!!! LOL

  4. They get you at the drivethrough! I think all the manufacturers re-brand off the shelf stuff and charge more hoping you don't find the less expensive alternative.  Same goes for printer ink.  I refill my own cartridges for about 1/10th the cost of buying a new cartridge.

  5. I went to NAPA  and they have lost of cross referance material there.  Saved a boat load on my oil filter.  CAT  wanted an insane amount I think around $40.00 or so I got mine from there for about $8.00 and I bought a bunch of them too

  6. Briggs has you stuck on their small engine(3HP or so) dry air filters. It's slides over the carb inlet and has an engineered shape to go with the cover housing. Going to see if I can figure out how to just replace the paper filter of the element and reuse the housing.

  7. Good way to save money.  I do the same with bearings and chains.  I go to a bearing shop for bearings….loads cheaper and the same for a motorcycle, tiller, or whatever chain.

  8. 27 hp makes that one mean mower!. You could get a gasket made of better materials so it does not blow again. Perhaps the manufactures put crappy gaskets on them to collect off you more often.

  9. Great tip BC! I've been doing this for a while now. I always buy 2 to start with and an extra one at each oil change because at my age I can't remember which one fit. So, If I always have one on the shelf, I have a reference to go to. I guess the number may be on the filter it's self but, again at my advanced age (53), I need to get my readers on to see it, where the box is easily readable. It's sucks getting old! Oh well, I guess the alternative is worse 😉

  10. You may or may not know this but most all automotive filters are made by the same factory. There are only a few companies that make them. A company such as fram or purolator will give them the specifications such as at what psi the bypass valve opens or what the micron rating of the filter media etc. then the manufacturer paints the different logos and send them out. You can request a cross reference catalog that will give you the thread size and pitch, gasket size, psi of bypass valve, if it has an anti drain valve etc. that way if you can't get what you need you can match up the next best thing. This could be useful in an emergency situation.

  11. there are lots of after market parts around.  The most important thing is to find out their warrantee.  Will they replace your motor if their filter bypass valve sticks and stops filtering oil.  Small engine doesnt mean small price.  I put a 20 horse command in my garden tractor when the 19.5 onan took a dump.  At the time 20 was the biggest they made.  There is one glass fuse on a command.  If it blows everything will stop working.  Starter, ignition, everything.  And they will pop with no warning.  I ended up taping a spare to the inside of the plastic cover outside of the airfilter. 

  12. I had a friend who had somewhat the same problem, he decided to try to tighten down the head bolts first.  He claims he got lucky and it worked!  what have you got to loose, try it.

  13. You should have said stupid chicken trying to escape with the great care you give them.  Tips are always appreciated.

  14. Did you blow the head gasket after using the bigger fram filter? I heard a bigger filter changes the oil pressure.. I wonder if that is why the head gasket went? The wrong filter (even if it is the same size) can starve an engine of oil or switch the filter over to bypass mode.

  15. I've been using wix filters (or napa filters made by wix) on my lawn equipment for a while now, and I will never go back. It's a no brainer to get a better filter for half (or less) the cost of a "manufacturer" name filter. Especially when most, if not all of these manufacturer name filters are just rebranded economy automobile filters anyway.

  16. On the John Deere riding lawn mowers all they're all oil filters the same size engines from 729 to the 350 series just wanted to know because I have extra filters for the 729 series I just wanted to know if those would work on the 350 series and 390 Series oil

  17. What evidence do you have to support your theory of the Kohler, and Purolator filters are better than they Briggs & Stratton One?

  18. On the Kohler vtwin — if you lose a head gasket into the oil return passage or rocker-arm area take the engine apart and clean the oil-pump pickup screen. Fiber from the gasket plugged my screen and i didn't know why it threw both rods until postmortem. I have now seen it on two engines.It is a lot of work, but worth it. It goes without saying, get the upgraded gasket kit, follow torque specs religiously and don't use gaskets from doubtful sources the treads stripped out of nuts that came with gasket set at 15 ft lbs.

  19. I agree with you 100% . I just changed our Briggs and Stratton Filter… They wanted $14.00 and I went to Walmart and got the Fram for $3.77 and fits perfectly!!! – LOL

  20. Thanks for the tip! But now you got me worried about my head gasket, it's doing the same and thought for sure it's carb issue, except I noticed today I have some oil leaking from somewhere too.😒 Freakin thing only has a bit over 100 hrs..

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