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How much does a pallet of sod cost?
Well, we’ve answered that before. But I think different people refer to it as a
pallet of grass, or sod. I will run through it here as well. But we do carry,
I believe, seven different varieties of grass, three St. Augustines, a Zoysia, and
a couple of Bermuda grasses, and we have access to a couple of more. But for the
most part, we only sell the Raleigh St. Augustine by the piece of a pallet or
half-pallet, or anything other than a full pallet. Everything else has to be ordered.
We don’t keep it in stock. It has to be ordered and it has to be ordered by the
full pallet. The Raleigh St. Augustine, that can be purchased by the piece. These
pallets all cover 450 square feet and have 170 pieces of grass. It takes 165 pieces
to make a pallet. We put on 170 pieces of grass to make sure that nobody gets
shorted. But the Raleigh St. Augustine, as of the time we’re doing this video, which
it’s almost Spring of 2016, it’s looking at we’re going to be $115 for a pallet
of the Raleigh St. Augustine, and I believe a half-pallet is $60, which is 85
pieces. We kind of round. Then, the 16 by 24-inch pieces are $1.25. As you can see
that if you do the math, buying a half-pallet is a lot more economical than
buying it by the piece if you need it, and then buying a full pallet is a little bit
cheaper still. Then, we also give quantity discounts that the more grass you buy, the
cheaper it gets. I think the first price break is at 10 pallets, and then a
truckload is 16 pallets and we also offer a price break there as well. We also offer
wholesale pricing to landscapers and contractors, and whatnot, as well. You
can call us for those prices. But we also carry Palmetto St. Augustine. The Palmetto
St. Augustine is the more shade-tolerant St. Augustine, and it’s $160 per pallet.
Again, it’s only sold by the pallet. The Tifway 419 and the TexTurf 10 are the
Bermuda grasses that we carry, and they’re the same price as the St. Augustine.
They’re $115 per pallet with price breaks the more you get, but again only sold by
the pallet. I guess the other most requested one for price checking is the
Zoysia. We carry Palisade Zoysia, which is one of the thicker bladed Zoysias that is
a beautiful grass. It is sold by the pallet. It is $215 per pallet. It is the
most expensive one we carry. It’s the most expensive one to grow. There’s royalties
involved with it. It’s a great grass, but it is one of the more expensive ones.

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