How Far Should Grow Lights Be From Plants? Learn How high To Hang A Grow Light

hello and welcome to the Migro Youtube
channel my name is Shane and i’m the founder of Migro in this video we’re
going to look at how high to hang your grow light above your plants in order to get
maximum yield and healthiest growth previously we’ve looked at a classic
setup of a 600 watt HPS with an adjuster wing defender and a 4 by 4 grow tent and
we demonstrated that the optimum hanging height for this light in this
environment that environment is 40 centimeters or 16 inches above the plant
canopy we also demonstrated that by lowering it or raising it just 10
centimeters or 4 inches from that optimal hanging height would have very
significant impact on the grow so by dropping it just 10 centimeters you get
significantly more paradise but you get into the zone where your the the light
intensity directly under the fixture is far too high and it’s going to damage
your plants to high being above a betta tie isn’t micromoles per meter square
per second of par light raising at 10 centimeters above that optimum height
and you get a 8% reduction in the amount of light reaching your grow which is
going to translate directly into yield so you get an 8 percent reduced you’d so
this this hanging height and fine-tuning it and getting the optimum for your
lighting setup in your your grow environment is really really critical to
maximizing your yield so where do we start in optimizing our lighting setup
the first thing is we want to hang the light as low and close to the plants as
possible the reason is that the higher you hang the light the more light is
spread out the sides as you can see here with this 600 watt HPS and they’re just
doing defender a lot of the light is getting spread out to the sides now in
your grow environment this light will be getting reflected back down onto your
grow but there will be reflectance losses so you will get light that is is
going into the side and either missing your plants and being
or hitting a reflective surface and only partially coming back so we know we’ve
got to lower our lighting fixture down as close and get it as close to the
plants as possible to get the most light down onto our growth but it is a
trade-off and the trade-off is getting it as low as possible without damaging
the plants and how do we prevent damaging the plants well we look at the
species of plant that we’re growing and determine what is the maximum level of
light that that plant can use and still grow healthily if we’re looking at
medicinal herbs for example in flowering stage that maximum power level is going
to be in around 1200 micro moles per meter squared per second and that is the
power level that we have in our 600 watt HPS setup at 40 centimetres underneath
the center so that there is 1200 micro Mo’s there the reason we take we are
adjusting the light with the center measurement is because that’s where the
light intensity is going to be greatest as you move away obviously it’s going to
fall away so we’re measuring here we’re bringing it up to the maximum it can be
without damaging the plants and then the rest is going to be less than that we
know that that’s going to still be healthy growth so in this instance I’m
using a parameter and quantum sensor these are moderately expensive this is
about three or four hundred dollars for for this unit very accurate very
reliable and simple to use it’s an Apogee sq 500 you can get ones
which are very close in terms of accuracy as a hydro farm one which is
about 150 euros and I’ve tested it against this and others and it’s quite
accurate so it’s not hugely expensive and can be very very beneficial in terms
of your yield and productivity if you don’t wish to invest in a quantum sensor
there other methods of adjusting the light
down to the as close to the plants as possible without getting damaged other
ways to detect if your plants are going to get damaged is to measure again
directly underneath the light source the temperature of the leaves you can do
this using a butcher’s infrared thermometer this one’s about 20 euros
and you would position the light as low as you think is suitable and then after
a few minutes take the temperature of the leaves directly under the light they
should be at or below the room temperature the reason is that the
leaves are respiring or swelling and by doing that they should be able to lose
their surface temperature at a greater rate than the environment around and so
they should be as I said at or below the room temperature if they’re above it’s
showing that they’re they’re not able to dispel the heat as quickly as it’s it’s
landing on them and effectively they will get burned over a period of time if
you left the light bear in that position you would see the leaves start to curl
and probably they would brand and dry up and and die in the same effect what
happened to the flowers if they’re positioned directly underneath so very
nice and easy way to do it the other way is is is much more crude but can still
be effective which is the using the more sensitive parts of your your hand your
arm positioning under the light until you start to feel discomfort and really
you’re just doing the same thing as doing the leaf temperature measurement
what a crude are formed to summarize then in order to get the best out of
your grow and maximize your yield you need to hang your grow
as low as possible you’re doing that to minimize the amount of light that will
escape your grow or be last through reflectance losses the trade-off you
have to manage is having your light as low as possible while also not damaging
your plants you determine whether damage is going to be done to your plants by
using a number of different methods you can get a quantum or parse answer and
just so that the center point or the maximum level of higher intensity is no
more than 1200 and you do that in the center you can also look at leaf
temperature and use an infrared thermometer and determine in just a few
minutes whether the either the leaves or the flowers directly under the light are
as receiving too much light and heat and are likely to be damaged or the other
way last remaining way is that you you set up your light and just as as best
you can and you come back and you check afterwards to see are is there leaf
curling occurring is there bleaching or browning of the leaf tips or the buds in
which case you know you’ve got a to low and you’re going to have to raise a
little once you have determined that optimum hanging height the next thing is
to make sure that you maintain it and this means as your canopy raises as your
plants get bigger that you continually adjust the hanging height of your light
to make sure that it’s always at the optimum and this will ensure you
maximize your yield and get the best out of your grow in your grow light system
so I hope you enjoyed if you did please subscribe and take care

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100 thoughts on “How Far Should Grow Lights Be From Plants? Learn How high To Hang A Grow Light

  1. dear god don't put your light that freaking close to your canopy or you will kill it. put light at top then move down, till the plants tell you it too much. do not start at the bottom. and move up.

  2. I really wanted to listen to this video, but his deep inhaling in between sentences is nerve racking!😬😬😬😬😬😬😬!

  3. Sorry I have 130w CFL grow bulb.6400k lumina . So what’s the ideal distance from the plants could you please suggest . Thanks

  4. Ca you guys at MIGRO make a deal so we can pay with Bitcoin,Litecoin,ETH,Zec,etc. Please. And I will buy 2 x MIGRO 600.

    1000W,only 79$!!! I think this grow light is best !!!
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  6. With leds it’s the Watts marshydro 300w =130w you can get really close from 1set leafs to kick start her then rise light as the nodes grow for more coverage . mars hydro pro 2 80 400w =200w I do 20” as it stretches rise the light up 2” Many people give up and moan on sites once you master the distance you be happy bunny

  7. I have recently switched to Grower's Choice brand 315 watt CMH (4200 K) and attached it to a medium size Adjust-A-Wings Reflector (The Avenger series) via E40 adaptor for vegetative phase. This made a HUGE difference in terms of heat management and now I can hang my fixture as close as 30 cm to my plants with optimum heat levels.

  8. I have a Rockpals 600W LED grow light with vegetative and flowering settings. I currently have 1 week old seedlings. Can you advise what is the optimum distance and power setting I should keep them on in the seedling stage? Thx

  9. as close as is possible. put your hand above canopy have light lowers til you feel to much heat, light movers are a good investment

  10. Are lux or FC measurements of any use with grow lights? With LEDs they don't give off much heat so surely that's not a reliable way to suss the height?

  11. When I transfer all of my veg plants from my room with the double ended ceramics into the room with 6000W, I usually put a cloth over top of the canopy that takes away 30% of the light. I leave it there for about a week and it helps the transition without causing any light shock.

  12. good info!!, but please stop swallowing all the time very annoying…maybe better to drink a beer before you start…but thnx man..grts from hollandnetherlands..

  13. See one @t  he have the new generation of led grow with Japan technologie, the name of light fixture is AIR GROW 800 he make more of 2 000 PPFD, see on instagram futur-of-grow​  this products is use by the winner of the cannabis cup 2018

  14. Anyone !: have a small grow space 1.5 square meters=16.15 square feet. 122,400 lumens using LED screw in bulbs white & yellow. 21 Autoflowering plants.Offhand, in general am i using too little or too much light from bulbs close to the plants but not too hot? Thank you.

  15. Mate one advice. Get a fucking drink before you start recording 🙂 good luck couldn't listen for long though. All I have learned is what to buy to check if my leafs don't burn. Well I knew that already !

  16. What about the use of my light rails? My LED's are always moving either north/south-south/north or east/ west-west/east. I've designed a turn style or inverted lazy-suzan that allows me to rotate the whole light assembly any direction I want thus changing the light rails to allow light penetration and never a hot spot or high leaf temp no matter if I'm 3' inches above my plants. How much PAR can I allow them now without damaging cell structure? What are my plants new thresh hold (PAR numbers)? Am I on to something or is what I'm doing a bad invention and just a novelty? They are getting PAR readings of 2600 but its never at that for more than a couple of seconds. The plants do experience time with readings of 200 PAR when the light panel has gotten its farthest from that plant but then they change direction and come back . I don't keep them that low ALL the time because I don't get any stretch. I currently have Plants that are 8" tall and 10" wide and solid green because the foliage is so dense. I just came up with this turn style idea 2 weeks ago and the plants are only 3 weeks old from seed. Long story short is how high of a PAR number can they constructively put to use? Have I just created new maximum yield numbers to strive for?

  17. Happen to know how far for the 315 growers choice? 315 mode as well as “super lumen” new to the light and tips or links to a video would be much appreciated!

  18. This is a very interesting video and have found it very useful, thanks Shane!

    What if the leaf temp is only 1 or 2 degrees above the grow area temp ? is that still a reason to raise the light?
    ie if room temp 25c and leaf temp 26c just by one degree hotter is that really a reason to raise the light ?
    And if you have raised the light to its maxium height is there anything else you can do to stop plants from having too much radiant heat ?

  19. I've never had a problem…I've had 1000watt universal bulbs 6 or more inches from the centre over a 2 to 3 foot plants…control ph I do solely pro mix and do water them everyday….no light is hotter than sunlight

    .so how does any plant survive outdoors?? Ph ph ph control especially indoors.

  20. I don't know the par or ppfd of the 10watt 806lumen household bulbs with the domes removed but they are good at 5.5 inches above chilli plants

  21. Hi , very informative video , and great lights fair play . What would you suggest the best hanging height for seedlings and veg would be on a 600W (240 actual wattage) Cree cob ? Tried some at 28/30 and it fried them … Cheers ! 🙂

  22. Could you please do a video specifically targeting how high to set l.e.d. lights as we tend to have to mount led lights higher than hid lights as the led's tend to bleach out the top's of plants due to the light intensity I would suspect. Please elaborate on this topic.

  23. Adjust-a-Wings also make Super Spreaders to go with
    with their high quality adjustable reflectors which
    dissipate both light and heat more evenly preventing “hot spots”. Thus allowing for closer proximity to the canopy.

  24. i guess my chinese led strips idea wasnt so bad…i can put my plants really close and they seem to love gonna reinforce it with a few 10w cobs though so that may change things a little

  25. How fucking boring are you 😂 watching precious seconds of you with the pastys 😂 honestly big fella 😂 your so boring I fell asleep while I was asleep .

  26. You suck stop with the videos you clearly don’t know what your doing you rumble to much a distance in inches maybe feet would be very useful but you’re too stupid you made a long video but nothing so thanks for wasting my fucking time you piece of shit

  27. Please do a video on the effects of migro cobs into a water column(aquarium w/plants). Would want to see spectral loss or gain, intensity loss or gain, ppfd at various heights… Thanks brother, for all of your helpful info!

  28. Hi i'm Shane the founder of MIGRO and today we are going to explore how high i can get before my eyes completely close lol great video 🙂

  29. I seen a sativa non auto plant reach full flower stage in a closet with just 3 x 60w led goose neck lamps that are double heads 2x30w on each lamp no nutrients just water and some banana fertiliser for potassium

  30. great video way too fancy my friend. I wont speak for everyone but I want to say most medical patients that are thinking of growing Cannabis are not going to be even close to equipped enough to have this kind of tech. There must be a more simple way of testing and measuring and what happens when the plant is in stage 3 vs stage 1 or 2 ? what is a “watt” and all that. I am not clueless but I love when people talk slow and use little words. lol

  31. Ive got the kingbo 2000w led. I had it 24 inches about the top of canopy but noticed the tips of my leaves were burning and some leaves were feeling dry and papery. Would you recommend hanging about 40 inches ?

  32. I have a 4 x 2 x 6 grow tent with a 1000 watt LED I have two clones in the leaves are turning yellow.. I believe they're getting too much lightif so what size LED light should I get to this size tent

  33. I just picked up a thousand watt HPS from my 450-watt LED the ballast for the HpS has air cool my LED was about 12 in but I'm not too sure how far I should put my thousand watt

  34. Migro, I have a 1000 watt tolys led full spec light. What distance should it be hung from the top of the canopy please sir?

  35. The hydrofarm is well off, I've got the hydrofarm an the apogee mq500 and the hydrofarm is off by a good bit depending on your lights spectrum, don't waste your money on 1, here's a comparison video I did that gives you an idea of how much it's off by percentage wise for different spectrums

  36. I have a question and wasn't sure on the best way of contacting you. My question is in regards to led lighting. Let's assume that I have a light that has an average par reading of 900 over a 2×2 ft area at 24 inches and a average par reading of 900 when dimmed by 50% and lowered to 12inches. With all other things being equal would I yield the same at the end of flowering in both situations? Thanks in advance for your response. 😁👍

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