Houseplant 101: What Plant is Right for My Space? — Ep 116

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100 thoughts on “Houseplant 101: What Plant is Right for My Space? — Ep 116

  1. Hey!!
    Big fan!! Could you please make episodes/content that explain what plants you have in what direction facing light! 🙂 would help me so much!! It's such a big guessing game when I buy house plants 🙂 🙂 I use my compass But it's still difficult to grasp what plant loves what light 🙂 xo
    I have your Vids on notifications because, I need it haha 🙂 hope you have a great day! Xo

  2. No, the answer to no light, isnt plastic plant 😑, there are plenty of plants thats ok near a lamp or something why, be so snotty 😬

  3. Hey Summer! What is the name of the purple leafed plant at 5:44/5:45? I have this exact plant but they did not know the name of it at the plant store I got it from. I also have mine in a NE facing window because it seemed to really like that window. However, I am having difficulty judging how much water it needs because I don't know the exact type. Keep up the amazing videos, I am in love with your content!

  4. I love your channel! I just discovered it 🙂

    In my Case, I am solely collecting succulents becausd sometimes I rush out the house, and just forget until I seemy plant in the evening :/

  5. I bought a plant lightbulb, and it said it was white, but its actually light pink… it made my plants grow extremely, but I dont knowxwgat other options I have for smaller lights that a full neon bar

  6. Hi, i noticed you're using a humidifier in your house! Ive been on a mission to find a good one for my room…which do you use? x

  7. I only clicked on this video because your home is so beautiful with all the plants.i stayed because of the beauty too and now I know a lot about plants😂😂

  8. This video came on while I was eating a pbj sandwich with aloe Vera gell in it. I'm inspired to clean my whole appartment now and start an indoor garden.

  9. Hold up! I'm new and only paused at 1:21 mins in, but I already want to say YAY! Bravo!
    The editing everything is gorgeous and clean, simple transitions, I love your backdrop, your gorgeous plant shots, the succulent icon, your type is awesome as well!
    Okay, gunna go learn bout' plants, kbye <3

  10. This is what im looking for i love plants inside my house but i dont know where is the right place to put them

  11. So I have a question, my room is in a basement and I have a pretty large window that lets a lot of light in but it is still a basement. I would have to have a really large plant selection but I don’t know how to go about that with the space I’m given!

  12. What do you think about the mimosa pudica? I just love my plants and everyone loves the sensitive plant. It’s so cute when it goes to sleep. My question is that a friend has plants growing at her job inside a building with no natural lites. I just can’t believe it but she is growing a miniature something. I forget what it is, my question is do you think the plant that actually closes its leafs when it’s nite time will be ok when it’s surrounded by fluorescent lites 24 hrs a day?
    Btw I think you would be sleeping next to less plants if you were camping in the Amazon forest. 😋

  13. Btw, I’m so jealous and would love to see you grow the sensitive plant. It loves to be in a fish tank and surrounded by humidity.

  14. The 1st time i disagree with you 😮 the first things i should consider before buying a plant… will i be able to pay my bills? do i really need 10 more plants? do i have problem? 😂 love your channel ✌

  15. What a wealth of information, Summer. It is such a pleasure watching you talk about your passion in such detail. Thank you for inspiring me to dig deeper into the world of home gardening. Keep up the good work!

  16. This video is amazing! Thank you so much for sharing with us all your knowledge! I am just obsessed with your videos LOL. I am like you, I love waking up with the sunrise and following the light throughout the day. And I know that I am the kind of person that is always checking how my plants are doing. We can learn so much through observation itself, but a little help is always welcome as well ^^

  17. So amazing !! My plant collection seems so small now 😂
    I've got a house that doesn't recieve a lot of sunlignt unfortunately so i'm thinking about growlights for the "darkest" places !
    But i dont know what to chose between LED, neons. ..
    I'd love To have an advice about that 😊
    Yours videos are awsome i love !!
    Sorry for my bad english i m french 🙂

  18. Question.. As a night shift worker I normally have dark room during the day to sleep but I want some plants in. The thing is, my blinds don't do a great job of blocking out sunlight, there's still a decent bit of light coming through but none of it is direct, it's more shade.. is that suitable for low-requirement plants.. peace lily for example?

  19. I'm confused, she doesn't have a home, she's living in a greenhouse haha. I just jumped on the plant train. I'm in the process of filling all the ledges in my new home. Omg why does it become so addicting to collect plants.

  20. I was wondering where is that plant shop you visit in the video? I googled Planta but all I could find was a shop in LA. I live in NJ and would really like to visit it if it’s nearby.

  21. Can you tell me what plant that is on the video on 5:09 I have that but could not figure out what it is? I would so appreciate it.

  22. Is it true that the windows are filtering most of the UV light? I do not have the light-meter you have but just an all-in-one analog light-humidity-ph sensor. And thanks a lot for the educated, clear and professional videos, I am learning so much from you! 🙂

  23. Seeing your video, I think I did everything wrong with positioning my plants. :-O My apartment is exactly the same. One window south west and one in the other room north east and dark in the middle. Ha, so much to learn. Thanks! Sunny greetings from cologne!

  24. Hi Summer,
    Love the episode!!
    Any chance you can tell me what the plant at @8:59 is thats on your bedroom window sill on the front lefthand corner? It looks like a crassua tillaea but I might be wrong. I have a similar (or the exact) plant but mine is struggling, it's dying from the bottom 🙁 if you have any tips that'll be amazing!!

  25. Hello my fellow plant lovers!
    I fairly new to the channel and fairly new to the hobby of keeping plants. I started 2 years ago. And have learn so much doing everything on my own.
    Experimenting with anything I can think of.
    I have a question for all.
    Plants that flower inside the house. Do we need pollinators for plants to flower inside the house? …. insects bees etc…?

  26. Do you know "Dioscorea elephantipes"? It has dragon scale like bulb with vine.
    If you have plenty knowledge about this plant, tell me how to care of it.

  27. Would you consider making videos on urban vegetable gardening? I love listening to your voice, looking at you in your videos, and believe in what you are saying, so I'm hoping you could make videos on food production.

  28. Have you tried to use LED Spots on your plants? If you have dark corners in your home try to "feed" you plants with LED light. I have been very sceptical about that idea but as far as I can tell it actually works. I do grow all sorts of plant also aquariums plants and carnivores like Venus Flytraps and the LED spots are working great. By the way, I love your videos and how your home looks like. And, yes, you are very inspiring.

  29. I loooveee your channel! I was practically a plant killer, every plant that I had, even what so called the easiest to plant, died on me. But I love them in my house so much so I keep buying a new one (and did not give those plants any justice). But since now I am your "student" I am more optimistic I can do better with them. Would you pls be kind to make a video focus on some other indoor plants like ficus lyrata, sansevieria hahnii & trivasciata, ficus microcarpa ginseng, epipremnum, dracaena (1 have 3 species), zamioculas, pachira aquatica, chrysalidocarpus lutescens and peace lily? I have them all, said they are easy to care, but seems like they're not too happy with me. I also plant rose and gardenia, only in a week they were dying. Pls heeelp.

    PS : you are so beautiful and your love for plants is showing! Thank you for your great videos 🙂

  30. I put plants threw out my house and when my parents smoke I can breath a lot better and I started guardening and to any one who’s looking to grow plant start with plants that give food like peas and Radish they grow faster and don’t die as much and he’s some tips

    Give them compost and blood and bone girls ask your dad were you can get that cause I have no idea
    And water them several times a day once a week and that’s it

  31. I really am into plants, I am a registered librarian already, and because of this obsession into plants — I make my library a green house plants, that I really loved about. It even entices my students to go to the library.

  32. Hey what Do You know……
    My Home ALSO "Has Windows on This Side & Windows on That Side"…..
    * Seriously Though.
    You are AWESOME.

  33. I'd like to note, in the section referring to what spectrum plants use for growth, recent studies show that plants actually do use the green spectrum and can aid in plant growth. 🙂

  34. Wishing you live in a landed house with a great garden. You are the queen of plants.
    I live in tropical climate near equator (upper). Mind you, I am a bit struggling with sunlight, it is not much or less, but the movement of the sun in a year. Learning to plant well; either too much watering and/or fertilizing. The more we care, the more we destroy. Now I am ok. Kelp and fish pellets are magic, and I added ajinomoto and black strap mollasse, wonderful.
    Your plants grow so well in a not so forvarable conditions (sunlights and space), admiring you with a green heart.
    Watched your Singapore trip video, thumb's up!!

  35. I live in SF Bay Area. My window faces directly south with no obstructions and I have a few questions:
    1. If I have a plant that requires bright light w/some direct sunlight (mimosa pudica). How close should I place it to the window? Can I put it on the sill?
    2. I also have a plant that says medium light (pacific sunset orchid). How far away from the window I should put it?
    3. Can I use light-filtering thin vinyl Venetian blinds to adjust the light in this area by twizzling them partially open and shut, and maybe raising them a bit so that only the plants closest to the sill get full, direct sunlight? If not these, would maybe sheer drapes be better?

  36. This is simply one of the best videos on plants I have ever watched on YouTube, and it is going to help me with bringing my houseplants into the home over autumn and winter for the first time since I bought them and had them outside over spring and summer. I now understand how to gauge the correct amount of light for my plants, and I hope it'll ensure survival of them. Thank you for putting out this video for plant-parent-hopefuls like me.

  37. How have you learned all this knowledge? Even most experienced planters don’t seem to know as much or explain as clearly as you do
    Thank you 😂👍🏻

  38. My plants wither for no reason at all and I was just like why won’t u talk to me! What u need?! Thank god I found this video

  39. Greetings from Poland
    I have 20 plants in my apartment already but I can’t stop because of you. YOU TRULY INSPIRE ME

  40. I have sheer curtains on some SE windows that let in a lot of light. Would that work with plants that don't want intense light, or would the curtains block the kind of light they need?

  41. Lol, if you have 100s of living houseplants in your apartment yet still have plastic plants as well…you might be a plantlady.

  42. Hi dear thankyou vety much, a question please, artificial light like you have in your northbeast room, is it any conventional neo light or is it something special for lightnig,feeding, plants. Many many thanks dear

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