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Namaste, I’m from the Australien Government here to introduce our newest segment NUMBERS WITH SUSSAN! Numbers With Sussan brings you the latest
bullshit from your new Environment Minister a numerology enthusiast who added an S to her name for good luck Isn’t that bullsshit You might be thinking pseudo-science isn’t
what we need from the Minister responsible for the fate of our planet’s
life-support systems But c’mon, numbers are fun Like 3,000 That’s the number of native trees Sussan and the Victorian Government have approved for destruction so we can re-route this stretch of the Western Highway Sure scientists say we must plant billions
of trees to avoid the collapse of all life on earth But Sussan read some tea leaves, and they said: “fuck science: blowing up what’s left of western Victoria’s giant natives will bring good health when everything’s dead” NUMBERS WITH SUSSAN! And 263 That’s the number of those trees that are
sacred to the Djab Wurrung people the sovereigns of these lands This majestic ancestral Direction tree is 300 years old Sadly, Sussan said 300 isn’t a Destiny number so she doesn’t give a shit that it will
get the axe to build a road That’s why right now the Djab Wurrung are
calling on people to join them in protecting this sacred landscape and ancient
trees from our shitfuckery Zero! That’s how many fucks Dan and Jacinta give about signing that treaty with Victoria’s Indigenous people coz nothing says “Treaty” like a chainsaw But don’t worry, VicRoads will be totes careful It’s not like when they worked on the previous stretch of highway they felled 900 giant trees by mistake Woops! 65,000,000! That’s how many tax dollars locals say we’d save if VicRoads just widened the existing highway
rather than laying down a whole new road Yeh… we could do that But how lit is 2? That’s the number of minutes drivers would save if we stick to our plan and kill these 600 year-old trees 600 years… 2 minutes… it’s a clear choice! NUMBERS WITH SUSSAN! That’s why, unless you stand with the Djab
Wurrung to demand VicRoads alters its plans unnecessary sacred-ancient-tree slaughtering
will commence imminently Join us next week for more Destiny Numbers like 795,000, the price of the flat Su bought
on a taxpayer-funded trip And discover how climbing Uluru before October
will add 3 inches to your dick NUMBERS WITH SUSSAN! Authorised by the Department for Erasing Sacred Places

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100 thoughts on “Honest Government Ad | Djab Wurrung Trees

  1. Here is an update for you:

    Hi Carly,


    The Greens are strongly opposed to the new highway that would mean the loss of these amazing trees and sacred sites of the Djab Wurrung people.

    The issue sits with the state government and our MPs both at state and federal level have been keeping a close eye on the campaign and putting pressure on government where possible.


    There has even been some good news from negotiations today with part of the highway being diverted.


    With the continued pressure and advocacy of people like yourself perhaps the Labor state government will make the right decision!




    Audrey Warren

    Office of Senator Richard Di Natale

    Leader of the Australian Greens | Senator for Victoria

  2. Same shit is happening in Aarey Mumbai, India. The government is falling trees and saying it's nit a forest for a metro carshed.

  3. I probably shouldn't watch this channel, it gives me anxiety. I already knew civilization is fucked and in our lifetime, the western world will already be turned into a dystopia where the general population are slaves (this is already well on it's way, won't be long before we catch up to china in this). Now I also know that the planet is fucked, and we're all gonna either starve to death or die from a lack of fucking trees! Meanwhile finland will be laughing, because that country is just one big tree.

  4. Things are pretty much fucked up in my country, and I used to think it was because I am in a third world cesspool, but nope, it is bad worldwide

  5. 3000 trees couldn't give even a single fuck. be part of the tech solution to plant 1.4 trillion trees rather than whinging about a select few

  6. What Juicemedia doesn't say is what is the REAL reason for the government rejecting a reasonable alternate route. Someone well connected is making a lot of money out of this. If it's anything like what goes on in the US, some top official(s) bought up a lot of land on the new route, and they'll miss out on a lot of profit if the route is changed.

  7. Government are now duplicating some of the road, hopefully they can abandon it entirely and duplicate it all.

  8. Can you do one on the Greens and how they support mass immigration, when any sensible greeny would know that less population would be a good cure to pollution.
    Also please do one on Antifa and while your at it Greta Thunberg just to show you are not biased.
    You could show how an irrational child with no Science degree or study is actually telling the world she is right when she is full of an agenda pushed on her. Or how polite and civil antifa are.
    The trees are gone, big deal there are only a few in question, remember we are expanding at the rate of immigration/refugees PA, that's a fuckton of newbies we have to cater for.
    As for the Aboriginal people if they are actually Aboriginal I will listen to them, but when they have had all the black fucked out of them and they appear white they are not Aboriginal and no one should listen to LIARS

  9. Look, I'm all for environmental issues and cutting down these trees is nuts but fuck this "sacred" bullshit. Nothing is sacred, it's a religious term that's outdated the current age. I don't give a fuck if someone sat under one of them and had a mad DMT trip a few hundred years ago. Claiming something is sacred is like claiming something is blasphemy. Utter bullshit terminology used to win an arguments by those who literally have no actual case.

    Fuck religion.

  10. Damn it! You mean I've missed my chance to add another three inches. Now i'll never be the porn star I've always dreamed of being…

  11. You should totally have pronounced it "Sussin," just to acknowledge that stupid addition of another "S." Her rationale behind it alone should have prevented people from voting for her–you're electing bat-shit crazy at that point.

  12. I just discovered these videos, I laughed at least inches off my dick alone! Guess I better get to climbing. Much love all the way from Germany.

  13. I sort of knew that Australia was a horrible shitshow of a country before, but damn, thejuice really shines a light on all that horrifying shitfuckery.

  14. @thejuicemedia –
    NEWS FLASH / UPDATE : The reason of the worst ever fires is the banning of protective fire breaks & other preventive measurements ( = thank the Fake-"Greens" for it) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7iMmKCmdXfE & the arson especially by youths / children during the holiday season.
    The humidity did not really change, no significant Climate change.

  15. The Juice has brought up a lot of government injustice. Three hundred year old trees should be saved. I am not a tree hugger. WHY MAKE A ROAD go straight through the area? Just widen the road. It's all about Power to use your tax money to fund themselves and to crush their opposition. Truly it shows that the climate nuts and Politicians never want to represent you, but to shake every coin out your pocket.

  16. Lmfao I never get a robodebt scheme it's labour the greens and there welfare people like to burn the system I don't get it I do things by the book🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  17. Few years ago our government destroyed 700 years old oak three, that was sacred to the whole nation (both christians and pagans), and was a cultural monumebt, but fck it, new road…

  18. Reminds me of the controversy with the aboriginals losing their territories to large copper mines. What ever happened with that? I'm going to assume nothing, just like this project will go forward with little backlash. Just like the pipeline project in the U.S. Industry supercedes everone and everything

  19. superb …so professionally done…actually that clearly distinguishes this production from a government attempted Frankenstein message.

  20. WTF is this highway re-routing? They are basically building a road parallel to an already existing road. Is this some weird Australian joke or just a slick way to funnel taxpayer's money into the pockets of large construction companies?

  21. This is even worse since i heard today, forestry logging in highest priority koala habitat that werent burnt to ash

  22. Notice the irony of this toxic woman talking about respecting something that a group of people find to have religious meaning…I doubt that she feels the same way about Christianity.

    When you actually look into the real science on the climate, you can very quickly realize that "saving the environment" by any realistic human means, is like a heroin addict trying to chase the dragon…It's extremely anti science.
    Just look at the Germans attempt over the last few years.
    Or the California wildfires that where caused by downed powerlines, that weren't checked since 2001 or 2003 I think, that where supposed to be checked every three years, but "going green" targets being forced on the power company, plus regular anti legitimate money making politics in California, meant that the company couldn't afford to.

    Or US democrat AOC's / "Justice" Democrats: "Green New Deal", that proposed 92 trillion dollars spending over ten years, only for the USA if I'm not mistaken, by the same people that argue that the war on terror's 3 trillion dollars spending over nearly twice the time to spread the economic burden over, helped bankrupted the US economy.

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