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5 thoughts on “HOA sues couple for $100K over flower bed

  1. Well the ones that wants you get ready flower bed service probably damn Democrats cuz they all lean like ugly things I like beautiful flowers I love seeing flowers bad beautiful flower beds in people's yards sometimes I stop and take a picture how pretty they are Democrats don't want nothing but ugly shit so if I lived in a neighborhood like that I believe I'd sell my shit and go find another different neighborhood out in the country that's where I live nobody tells me what to do except the man upstairs

  2. It’s terrible my mom had the Saint Marie in front her house ,they force her to remove it ,absolutely the worst ever ,HMO .last year they ask My 95 years old Mom ,to mower under the electric pathway clearly to the next house they claim it’s her property, or she have to pay $100 a day ,they know well it’s sight from the electric company say no tress passings , we could not find anyone to cut the grass they refuse they say they will not broke the law

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