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17 thoughts on “Highway to Heaven – Season 4, Episode 24: The Whole Nine Yards

  1. His poor wife had it tough in that situation! If I were her , I would have left both of em! And a boy punching a girl in the face, is not a good sign! He's more likely to continue that in his adult relationships!

  2. I bet no one noticed the sun at the end here looking like a figure 🙂 in the opening credits

  3. Hmm. Personally, I don't think girls should play traditional boy's sports in the boy's leagues and it has nothing to do with their ability at that age. Boys and men need to be able to bond with each other doing certain activities without becoming distracted by a bunch of girls on the team.

  4. May be you should check the seven fetser valve, i think it's been sticking (Read backwards and from right to left if you wanna know what i mean:" hctelF eivom eht ni cinahcem tolip deyalp hcaoc eht knihT I".

  5. Guys need to repect girls alot more, not bejelouse, girles need to have more respect for themsleves, you dont have to do all that dolling up to think thats what some guys like, nice girls, should know better.

  6. The father here is the sort of guy that secretly wears his wife's clothes when he thinks no one is watching. Everything he is saying to his son is what he actually thinks of himself.

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