Haywood Community College – Horticulture Technology

NARRATOR: Let’s face it. Not everyone
has a green thumb. But it’s not hard to get one as a student in
Haywood Community College’s Horticulture program. Students in this program become proficient
in all areas of the horticulture field, from plant production and pest management
to landscaping. Horticulture is more than just planting seeds
and watching them grow. Students learn about soils and plant science, and they even learn how to operate
horticulture related businesses such as plant nurseries and
garden centers. Haywood Community College is the
perfect place to learn about horticulture. The entire campus is a
designated arboretum with an impressive plant collection
that acts as a learning laboratory. HCC also has a greenhouse, an orchard, and
a plant nursery which are valuable student resources. Horticulture students at HCC get
plenty of hands-on experience propagating and setting plants of all kinds, including those in HCC’s
large dahlia garden. Come be a part of Haywood Community
College’s Horticulture Technology program and not only will you get a green thumb, but you’ll have the entire campus
to use as your laboratory.

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