Hanoi Flower Market (Chợ Hoa Quảng An) – Hidden Place To Visit In Hanoi

Hanoi flower market, also known as Quang An Flower Market located in Tay Ho District, Hanoi. It has become more and more popular to be one of the oldest flower markets which is the wholesale market for fresh flowers throughout the city in Hanoi for a long time. Arrive at Quang An flower market from midnight exactly 24 pm to 3 am in the early morning, you will see a very bustling Hanoi while the whole city is asleep, with only golden lights and silence on each street and ramp. Visitors to the market are not only wholesalers but also a large number of the local people from young to old, and of course foreign visitors. They come here to enjoy the atmosphere of buying and selling, living among the forest of flowers with all kinds of scents and charming colors. When the whole city was falling in sleep deeply, in a corner on the dyke Nghi Tam (located in Tay Ho district – Hanoi) was busy bustlingly with buyers, sellers. As a wholesale market specializing in supplying flowers for Hanoi City and some neighboring provinces, Quang An Flower Market has long been a place not only for business but also for cultural beauty. Going to the flower market has become a pleasure for many people, especially the young. There are so many people who spend all night wandering the market not to buy flowers but simply to feel apart of the nightlife in this land of thousand years of civilization. Quang An has long been the familiar place to buy flowers that are full of colors, species brought from all the flower growing areas of the North such as Tay Tuu, Dong Anh, Gia Lam, Phuc Yen. Quang An Market has all kinds of freshest and most beautiful flowers. At about 2 am, there are less people than at dawn, so people are easier to choose flowers. You may not imagine that how amazing it is with many kinds of flowers, but the common are: roses, sunflowers, daisies … Flower market during some days of October dyed a fresh yellow of chrysanthemum and Hanoi autumn. In terms of the price, it is quite cheap in comparison with other places, helping to attract more and more people. Flower night market takes place around year and guests are usually businessmen for trading. At dawn, the motorbikes are fully filled with flowers and so ready in companion with the owner to the surburb of Hanoi for selling. From here, the most beautiful flowers of Thang Long are spreaded out by the businessmen and hawkers to other provinces, wandering in every corners of the street, which embellishs for the beauty of Hanoi autumn more brightly.

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