Lavender bouquet Fabric: Gabardine (China) (polyester) the link to the template is under the video Threads: Palmirа (China) ordinary needle length – 4 or 5 cm the thread is folded in half for embroidery stalk and leaves Outline Stitch embroider all vegetation alternate dark and light green Fly stitch without breaking the thread go to the further embroidery Satin stitch wrong side I added lime colour Outline Stitch Lavender flowers DMC (melange № 52) 3 addition threads place the flowers between the green stitches Bullion Knots or Rococo stitch length – 3 or 4 mm wind the thread on the needle – 10 times do the same thing second bud – wrap 8 times topmost buds – wrap 6 times fasten the thread Anchor № 112 1 for a bud – to wind on a needle 10 times 2 for a bud – to wind on a needle 8 times 3 for a bud – to wind on a needle 6 times thread numbers are listed under video very bright lime color ( threads (India) olive colour thread purple with a blue tint (thread Kirov (Russia) french knot the number of knots should be moderate look at my photo in the COMMUNITY section Any color will be suitable for embroidery. Chain stitch Subscribe to my channel not to miss interesting