Gunhoo “It’s a chocolate fountain!!” [The Return of Superman/2019.03.24]

(Gunhoo is fast asleep.) He woke up. (He awakens with a start as if he had a bad dream.) He woke up very suddenly. (I have a bad feeling. I must go out.) My goodness. (Slipping) – It wasn’t a bad landing. / – He must be used to it. (He calls for his sister as he goes out.) (Naeun.) (I had a dream about a ghost.) – What is that? / – A mirror? (What is this?) – Gunhoo’s house was there. / – That’s right. His house disappeared. (Curious) (What? It’s me.) (Hiccupping) (Smiling) (Hiccupping again) (Hello.) Mirrors seem to fascinate children. (Why are you standing where my house was?) (I can’t stop hiccupping.) (Sighing) (What’s behind the mirror?) (There is nothing here.) Gunhoo. Gunhoo, what is this? It’s a mirror. Mirror, mirror, who is the fairest? It’s you, Naeun. Do you think… Who do you think likes me the best? (Gunhoo is excited as well.) (Laughing) (Is someone in there?) (Gunhoo copies his sister.) (They are happy to have a mirror.) (When Naeun is sad,) I’m sad. (Gunhoo is sad as well.) (This time, Naeun is angry.) Children. What have you been doing? I have been playing. – Have you been playing? / – Why is this mirror here? Gunhoo likes to look at his face. Right, Gunhoo loved to see his reflection on the TV. (The lack of a mirror had made Gunhoo sad.) I heard it’s good for children to have a mirror at their eye level. I heard it improves self-awareness, sociability and vocabulary. That’s why I prepared it. Who do you like the most? I like Dad the most. Do you want to live with Dad as well? I will give him to you. I almost thought you meant you will give me. I will give Dad to you. Why would you give me to the mirror? All right. (Meanwhile, Gunhoo revisits Uncle Cameraman’s tent.) Since his house disappeared. (Uncle, you know what?) (My house that looks like this disappeared.) (I will need to stay here for a while.) (Clicking) He feels empty without his little house. Mirror, sing me a song. Sing me “Thunder”. (Mirror listens to Naeun.) (Swagger) (What is that? Is the mirror singing?) (He comes out.) (It’s Naeun’s dance time.) (She shows her refreshing charms.) (Jooho claps like a seal.) (Naeun, is there anything you can’t do?) (Gunhoo revs up.) (It’s Gunhoo’s dance time.) (The music ends.) Gunhoo won’t be happy. (Sighing) (He was just getting excited.) Gunhoo gets sensitive when the music ends. (Glaring) (Dropping) Here it comes. (Don’t do that!) (Naeun enjoyed music to the fullest.) Visit me again. (Kissing) (Although he is sad, he kisses the mirror.) (Play music longer next time.) Naeun, spring is here. What is spring? Spring is the season of new beginnings. So I prepared something. What is it? – House cleaning. / – Housecleaning? – Yes. / – I want to do it! Do you want to do it? Shall we mop the floor? Push this. There is a button here, right? – She can mop the floor by herself. / – There you go. Naeun and Gunhoo, you roll around and eat here. Since the floor gets dirty, we should steam mop it. I will make it clean. Okey dokey. We drop a lot of food here, so let’s clean it up. You always drop food. That’s right. – Here, here. / – Where? – Here. / – Here? – Like this? / – It’s good now. Is it good now? All right. Pull it out. We are done. It’s clean. After the house cleaning, Naeun’s family heads to somewhere. Where are they going? Naeun, where are we going today? Cake. We are going to make a cake. (Today is the day of the baking contest.) Naeun likes to bake, so Anna and I signed her up. It’s the first contest in Naeun’s life, so I’m nervous. I hope she will see a good result. What kind of cake will you make? Strawberry cake. – That’s what you like. / – Yes. Don’t be nervous. – Enjoy yourself, okay? / – Okay. (She is energetic.) Just enjoy yourself, okay? Just do as you want. You practiced. Dad, don’t be nervous. I want to be calm, but I’m more nervous than you. Why would you be nervous? (Embarrassed) Dad. (Naeun will do) (a good job.) – Will you do a good job? / – Yes. I’m not scared. They arrive at the contest venue. The sweetest challenge in the world to become the king of baking begins now. The contest will be held here. (Children gather in the hall.) (Nervous) (Ta-da.) – Is that Gunhoo? / – How cute! (Patissier Park Gunhoo enters.) Look. The hat is longer than his body. – Where are you going? / – Why is he looking back? After him, Patissier Naeun and Jooho enter. Go inside. Goodness. There must be a lot of contestants. Wow, there are a lot! (She becomes nervous.) – There are so many. / – He’s excited. (Gunhoo isn’t nervous at all.) Say hello. (He says hello excitedly.) Hello. You are cute. (Gunhoo is popular.) He is cute. (I hear that from time to time.) (I will take over the contest today.) Can you do a good job? I think Naeun is a bit nervous. Hello, children! Hello. Hello. I’m the son of Busan who will host the contest, Kim Wonhyo. It’s nice to meet you. (It’s nice to meet you.) Today, you will make… (Attention!) Gunhoo, is there anything you want to say? (I’m a contestant too.) (He babbles and lets himself known.) Gunhoo is the youngest contestant. (Take good care of me.) What will you make today? – Cake. / – Cake. That’s right. You will make a cake. Today, you will make a cake for a loved one. A loved one. Think about someone you love, and make a cake for them. Naeun, who will you make the cake for? – Dad. / – Dad. You will make a cake for Dad. Let’s go. (Hissing) We have people who will judge fairly. Judges, come on in. There are judges. (Lee Hoyoung) (Yoo Minjoo) (Lee Heungyong) With these incredible judges, we will now begin “Kid King of Baking”. To give the children the freedom to express themselves, the parents should wait in the waiting room. The children will bake freely by themselves today. – They need to leave? / – They really do it themselves. Do a good job. Some moms must be worried. – Gunhoo. / – Why is he leaving? Gunhoo, where are you going? Gunhoo, where are you going? Is he here as a parent? (Worried) (Hold on. What is going on?) Dad. What? “What?” (Why didn’t you tell me sooner?) (You get a spanking.) All right. Now, you will evenly cover the sheet cake with whipped cream and add toppings of your choice to make the cake pretty. Start. You can begin now. (Rushing) To make a cake of their choice, they need to get the ingredients they want. (Everyone gets the whipped cream they want.) – Look at Naeun. / – What happened? What’s going on? Her face is dark. (Naeun’s face is dark.) What’s wrong? Are you scared? What’s wrong? What’s wrong? She burst out in tears. (She tears up.) She’s scared to do it by herself. (She’s scared to do it alone.) This is her first time in a contest. (Will Naeun give up?) Naeun, shall I remove this? (A friend gives her a helping hand.) – He’s helping her. / – He is a cool boy. (Yejoon unwraps the sheet cake.) Yejoon is nice. Thank you. Naeun, you can do this. (Nodding) – She became less nervous. / – You are right. (Naeun lines up to receive whipped cream.) Which whipped cream would you like? – The white one. / – The white one? There you go. – Let’s do this. / – She got it. That’s good. (Carefully) – That’s good. / – She’s concentrating. She’s doing well. She’s amazing. I can do this by myself. – Goodness. / – Although she is only five years old, she is doing well on her own. She has grown up. I’m done, ma’am. Let’s see. You must like whipped cream a lot. Your cake looks like a cloud. A circle. Good job. She spread it well. (What is Gunhoo doing in the meantime?) It’s okay. (He looks like Younggu.) Are you doing a good job? (At that moment…) You are doing well by yourself. An older boy helped me. Did an older boy help you? (How did this happen?) (They decided to have one guardian stay.) (I recommend my dad.) (May I be the representative?) (Everyone agrees.) (Protect these boys and girls.) He is the parents’ representative. Are you done? Do you need anything? Would you like more whipped cream? (Falling) Be careful. Are you okay? (He runs over right away.) Are you okay? Sit down. He is strong and fast. What should you do now? – Toppings. / – Toppings. You should decorate your cake. Bring the toppings of your choice. There is a variety. There are fruits and a chocolate fountain. (Sweet chocolate fountain) Begin. (Everyone gets toppings.) – Anything will be tasty. / – There may not be enough. There you go, Naeun. Get in there. (Naeun gets toppings as well.) (She puts the toppings carefully.) Look at this. – You’re getting the hang of this. / – The toppings… Gunhoo is… (He meddles with someone else’s cake.) My goodness. (The owner of the cake comes back.) – The owner is back. / – The owner of the cake saw it. (She hasn’t noticed yet.) He is feigning ignorance. (Worried) He knows he did something wrong. – That girl is talented. / – I know. Gunhoo, do you want to try? (Thinking) (I wouldn’t say I want to do it.) (I would like to apologize first.) What? (Does he want grapes?) She’s nice. He doesn’t want it. (Does he not like grapes?) He knows he did something wrong. Look at those hand gestures. (I have a conscience.) Where did he learn that? (She gives up and focuses on decorating.) (This is frustrating.) (Does anyone speak my language?) Did he spot something? – His face lit up. / – Is there tasty food? What is it? (What did Gunhoo find?) (The chocolate fountain) – I knew it. / – It’s the chocolate fountain. (The sweet scent is strong.) The sweet chocolate flows endlessly. Gunhoo must be so intrigued. (He’s being pulled in like a magnet.) He’s in love. (What? What is this?) (He’s babbling passionately.) He started to talk even more. You can’t touch this. (It’s too late.) He already made eye contact. He must touch it. (Let’s see.) (Eating) It must feel like paradise. He’s winking. Gosh. It’s paradise. (What? What is this taste?) (How can there be such a taste?) (His hand won’t stop reaching) (for the chocolate’s spell.) – His hand keeps reaching for it. / – It’s instinctive. It’s slimy. He must like how it feels too. (The smooth texture is addictive.) Gunhoo, you touched it. He froze. (Frozen) What do we do? This is dirty. You have to stop. You’ll become chocolate. (What?) (Am I going to become chocolate?) Are you going to turn into chocolate? (Are you sure you want to become chocolate?) (Gasping) – What is it? / – You’re all chocolate. What do we do? They’re still kids. You can’t turn into chocolate! (He got scared and ran away.) Gunhoo. My goodness. (What is this now?) It’s time for balloons now. Kids love balloons. (I like balloons.) Gunhoo? – Gunhoo. / – He can’t hear her. Gunhoo. Gunhoo, Naeun is calling you. Gosh. Gosh. Naeun has to bake a cake – and look after Gunhoo. / – Right. We’ll stop in five seconds. – Five, four, / – She took something out. – three, two, one. / – It was very sudden. – Cake making. / – She put it on top. – The end. / – What is it? The end. Let’s clap. – Good work. / – I’m proud of the kids. How was the cake decorating? Did you have fun? – Yes! / – It was fun! – All right. Did it turn out nicely? / – It was fun. Now we’ll take turns presenting the cakes you’ve made. Kim Doyoung will – It’s the nice girl from before. / – present first. Doyoung, you can present. Ta-da! – My cake is called Puffing Cake. / – Gosh. She could sell that. Puffing Cake? What does it mean? I plan on giving it to my future boyfriend. – Her boyfriend? / – Did you make it so you could give it to him on his birthday? Okay, who wants to go next? – Me. / – It’s Naeun. Park Naeun will present. – One, two, three. / – Let’s look at Naeun’s. Open it. (Ta-da.) Your cake is very colorful. – What kind is it? / – Chocolate cake. I made it with my dad. Did you make it for your dad? Let’s taste it. We’ll enjoy it, Naeun. Great work today. By the way, I’m curious about something. There’s a band-aid here. Why did you stick it on? I put it on so that Dad doesn’t get hurt. (My heart is aching.) It’s to protect your dad. You don’t want your dad to get hurt. Your feelings show well on your cake. Grand prize winner. (Jooho is moved too.) Wait. The camera… (There are balloons stealing the moment.) – It was a touching moment. / – We were being moved. He covered Jooho’s face. (The cameramen are startled.) (Park Gunhoo is sending you a virtual balloon.) (His cuteness is exploding.) Naeun, what is Gunhoo doing? He has some balloons. Balloons. (Everyone, it’s party time!) Okay, Naeun. We enjoyed your cake. We’ll look forward to the results. Now we’ll announce and award the winners. First… Congratulations! Third place goes to Oh Yerin! She’s congratulating her. Who’ll be second? We have two people. (Could it be me and Gunhoo?) Oh Dabin and Oh Seola! Congratulations. You’re in second place. The paragraph is the same. Who will become the honorable winner? – Who’s the winner? / – The winner, the winner. – Drumroll. / – Is it Naeun? Kim Doyoung! Congratulations. (The first place goes to Doyoung.) – Doyoung won. / – That’s right. (I agree to this.) Which of you didn’t do so well? Let’s raise our hands. You worked hard, but you didn’t get an award yet. It’s not over yet! There are more awards. He helped many friends. Jang Yejoon. – Yes, Yejoon. / – They ate well. Heo Dabin and Jung Ahyoung. This is the Good Job Award. Kim Seoeun, Kim Siyoon, Choi Minwoo, – Min Chaehee, / – What about Naeun? – Park Naeun and Park Gunhoo. / – That’s good. (I got an award too.) Gosh. Good job, good job. (Every child was given an award.) Gunhoo got one too. – Thank you. / – She’s so pretty. (They take a picture to commemorate.) Those who aspire to become baking kings did a good job.

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