Growing Herbs : Growing Dill

Hi, I am Stan DeFreitas, Mr. Green Thumb.
One of the favorite plants that we have as an herb is that of dill. And we all love dill
pickles but you might not know that you can easily grow dill in your own back yard garden.
It’s a plant that actually gets to be fairly large. Now you’ll normally buy it as a fairly
small plant to start off as as a little seedling or you can actually start it from seed. It
will usually start in probably about in two to three weeks. You can put it in a peat,
pearl like combination. Remember that dill likes a good amount of light. So don’t put
it in the shadiest spot of your yard or garden. Also, make sure it has a good source of water.
Now the dill can be used in a number of different ways. We think of dill pickles but also you
could cut fresh dill and use it with potatoes and many other dishes as well. Sometimes fish,
sometimes pork also. When you think about dill, make sure that you have it in an area
where you can keep it moist. Make sure it gets about six hours of bright sun a day.
And you are going to have it mostly during the spring, summer, maybe early fall. It’s
not one that normally does too well during the winter season. But dill is going to add
a lot to your pallet and also to your garden. For on gardening, I am Stan DeFreitas, Mr.
Green Thumb.

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7 thoughts on “Growing Herbs : Growing Dill

  1. Having a 'Green Thumb' is an old saying for someone who is good with growing plants… Like, I have a Green thumb with herbs

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