Growing Big Tomatoes in Containers – Mountain Pride Tomato

the mountain pride hybrid tomato is a
big and delicious meaty tomato variety that is very disease-resistant let’s see
how to grow this tomato variety in containers so in our earlier episodes we saw how to
grow different kinds of tomatoes like grape tomatoes roma tomatoes this
time we’re gonna grow a tomato that’s a beefsteak kind of tomato these are huge tomatoes
that can be grown in containers if you follow the right techniques for the
container we’re using a whisky barrel which will provide enough room for this tomato plant
to grow and remember that this mountain pride hybrid is a determinate
tomato variety which means that it will grow produce a lot of tomatoes and then
it will stop growing it won’t grow indefinitely like the
indeterminate tomato varieties so that makes it a good candidate for growing in
containers and that’s exactly what you see here we have secured this tomato
plant with this tomato cage and if you want to take a look at all the tomato cages
available you can see this video on your screen which will give you the details
and in just a few days in the warm month of June you can see that the tomato plant
has grown pretty well and has almost occupied the entire whiskey barrel
container Now this whiskey barrel container does contain a lot of soil
it’s about two or three times the capacity of a five-gallon pot and that
gives a tomato plant enough room to grow and as you can see herr this plant has
now started flowering and it’s about mid June right now and you can see a
lot of flowers being produced by this plant and there you can see that I have
pruned this plant at some of the nodes the suckers have been removed and I do
this mostly for determinate tomato varieties and that too if I’m growing
them in containers if I’m growing the tomato plants on the ground or on
raised beds I do not prune the plant a lot but I do remove the diseased and the dead leaves so in about mid July you can see that the plant is loaded with fruits of
these lovely looking tomatoes and if you think these tomatoes are big
well just wait and see how big they can get now I’d like to mention that when growing
tomatoes one of the keys to growing great tomatoes is to make sure that you
prune all dead leaves, disease stems make sure that the bottom part of the tomato plant
is clean this allows a lot of air to get in and it prevents fungal diseases for
your tomato plants and overall is a very important step in growing tomatoes
something that a lot of us all overlook [music] And as you can see here in August the tomatoes have started
ripening they’ve started becoming red so I’m going to harvest this tomato from
the plant and my first harvest is usually the one that I ripen on the
shelf and what this does is that it lets me eat some tomatoes while the other
tomatoes are ripening on the vine and once again the ones the ones ripening on the
vine taste a lot better however if you want some tomatoes go ahead and harvest
a few you can put them on the shelves easily and use them [music] And in the hot summer months you need to water your tomato plants very well tomatoes might need watering once a day
sometimes even twice a day in the hot summer months so make sure that your
tomato plants hydrated or what will happen is that your fruits will start
cracking from the bottom which is not a good thing for good-looking tomatoes you
need to make sure that you water your tomato plants very well especially
during the growing season which is the hot summer months and I wont be
discussing much about the kind of fertilizer you need to use for this
tomatoes because I have discussed that on a lot of my other videos you can see some of
those videos on your screen now [music] So let’s talk a little about
this tomato variety this Mountain pride hybrid tomato variety was developed at the North
Carolina State University and it was developed as a part of the mountain
series of tomatoes and it instantly became a big hit because the plant
produced really nice sized tomatoes that were very delicious and the plant is very
easy to grow because it is resistant to a lot of diseases which makes it easy
for the home gardener to grow this and it also grows great in containers
because it’s a determinate tomato variety now you can grow indeterminate
tomato varieties in containers but you have to make sure that you prune your
plant well, otherwise you’re plants are gonna grow out of control they’re pretty large and they’re pretty
meaty and we’ll soon cut one tomato to find out how nice they are you can see
some really good fruit being produced by this tomato plant so this is our harvest as you can see almost
perfect tomatoes I did see a little bit of cracks on the top part of the tomato
however that’s very very minor this is a great looking tomato and let’s cut
open this tomato to see how it looks like from the inside so as you can see very meaty very nice
looking tomato that’s perfect for slicing and cooking and I really like the tomato
variety it was not an easy to grow but they tasted absolutely delicious Now
one thing that I must tell you about this tomato variety and I’ve noticed that
so far in growing this tomato plant is that after it produces these large
tomatoes on the bottom part of plant the top part of the plant just grows to about
five feet and then stops now this might be just the way the tomato plant grows
however I’m waiting to see the plant will still produce more tomatoes however
late in the season due to the heat the high heat the pollen from the tomato flower
becomes unviable which means that it cannot set fruit so a lot of you have
asked me this question as to why doesn’t my tomato plants set fruit well your
temperatures are high you have to choose varieties that are
resistant to high temperatures like the juliet variety. This tomato variety is
a very prolific very nice tomato variety that I can highly recommend
especially to people who grow them in containers so that’s all for today let
me know your comments let me know if you’ve tried growing the
tomato variety before and if not are you planning to grow it I’ll see you again soon happy gardening

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100 thoughts on “Growing Big Tomatoes in Containers – Mountain Pride Tomato

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  12. I just started container gardening 2 years ago and after some fits and starts got over 30 lbs of tomatoes out of 16 plants this year. I would have had more except I made the mistake of crowding the plants. The tomato plants I cultivated were called "patio" tomatoes and were of the determinate variety. Very sweet, lot's of pulp with few seeds. I just harvested a huge amount of tomatoes – more than we can eat. They will be pureed and frozen for sauce later. Your video has given me a few more ideas how to improve my technique.

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