Grow Organic Vegetables Not Lawns! My Raised Bed Garden

Hi, my name’s Andrew Fletcher I want to show you what we did with our lawn around the back, which used to be a dog toilet bald patches everywhere not a pretty
sight pretty useless really we converted it
into a fabulous organic garden and grow all our own vegetables and the taste is absolutely incredible Apparently there is ten times more nutritious value than shop bought vegetables There’s nothing like growing your own vegetables picking them and cooking them straight from being picked completely different to what you buy from the supermarket We made our raised beds out of concrete gravel boards and concrete
posts we used a post digger to insert the posts We used an angle grinder with a diamond blade to cut the posts to the right sizes obviously needs concrete the place in
place and the video shows you how it all fits together nicely hope you enjoy it It’s difficult to imagine that this magnificent raised bed, our pride and joy which grows all our organic vegetable was once a lawn and used to be nothing more than a dog
toilet so we decided to turn our dog toilet into a highly productive organic garden to
do this we constructed raised beds made from concrete gravel boards and concrete posts for lengevity We ripped out the old wooden fence on the old wooden gate and installed some
wrought iron work and wrought iron gate Here we have got our salads coming through. We have got radish We have got broad beans With a few spare tomato plants Here we have got fruit trees and a compost bin rhubarb separated our raised beds with gravel this keeps mud off your feet and also prevents slugs from crossing from one raised bed to another the concrete posts, erm we used a diamond blade with a nine inch angle grinder to cut these down to the right size We used gravel boards the fancy gravel boards, all of which we got second hand in used condition. and as you can see the one gravel board drops into the slot of the post and the other gravel board actually leans against the post and is held in place by the soil in the raised bed. Use a post hole digger rather than the
spade to install the posts makes life much easier. to condition the soil we used potash from the fire, from the log burner and plenty of well rotted horse manure
and we used silver sand to re-condition the soil beneath the gravel, there is a weed membrane Here we have used clotches to grow peppers and in here we have got spring onions coming though I’m separate pots we have got courgettes cucumbers peas, chives more salad grown in pots, mint A separate box full of carrots, These are my leeks plant using a garden dibber pushing down
deep into the soil then we add a toilet roll tube on the leeks
to increase the white yield At the back of the raised beds we have got blackcurrants, these are all onions And these are all my parsnips Plenty of rain barrels to catch the water And a large tank, barrel for
rain water harvesting and this these are all my broccoli broccoli curly kale cabbage and again at the back we have got blackcurrants If you have never eaten cabbage leaves which you have picked and cooked immediately believe me there is a world of difference we have a simple frame which keeps all of the butterfly’s And Around the edge of the raised beds we have put soot from the log burner and we have dipped the roots with a pinch of potash that’s the white ash from the fire, from the wood and apparently this keeps off club root, as you can see the crop is absolutely magnificent and it tastes divine. Here we have got runner beans And a bayleaf tree which I rescued cost me five pounds with fa bunch of arum lilies and lavender the lavender is recycled into lavender oil when it has finished it’s flowering If you haven’t yet done so, get some raised beds Dont grow lawns, grow organic food You can’t beat it Apparently organic tomatoes are ten times more nutritious than shop bought tomatoes and the same goes for all the other food underneath my solar canopy I have made a window box or a trough and this is actually made from an old pine table which we salvaged and fixed on timber from the outside put in a brace on either side to hold it all together
And in there we are growing not normal tomatoes we have some some black tomatoes some green tomatoes and some plum tomatoes and these were all taken from a speciality box from the supermarket and this is the second year that we have used the seeds, so that’s just opening up a tomato taking out the seeds and like all plants you can grow from seeds In the background here we have purple basil This is our strawberry planter Here is another planter with strawberry’s these are the pineapple variety Anablanka This is the view from our conservatory those are the peppers and chillies under the clotch Much nicer than the lawn and if you are wondering what we do with the dog’s waste I have installed a plastic manhole inspection cover removing the heavy cast iron one This can be lifted up with one hand In goes the poo and down goes the lid we’ll I do hope you enjoyed watching my
video I hope it inspired you in some way
to grow your own vegetables and perhaps to make your own version of these concrete raised beds If you can share the video that would be fantastic. Please feel free to comment on the video and I will try to answer any questions that you ask
please also have a look at my other videos especially
the videos on Inclined Bed Therapy Videos on Operation OASIS My Solar Panel Canopy which which you might find interesting also
my rainwater harvesting system all which are on my Youtube Channel You have a great day, thank you Bye

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10 thoughts on “Grow Organic Vegetables Not Lawns! My Raised Bed Garden

  1. Thanks Andrew…Got lots of ideas from this vid….You're sooo right about how different food tastes fresh from the garden. We were doing all this 20 years ago, and at the time didn't actually "get it" that we were giving our kids the best food available….Now inspired to do it all again!!

  2. Hello Andrew. I've just walked round your garden with you and thoroughly enjoyed it. Concrete gravel boards, Great idea.             I only have 3 raised beds a patio and a few paths and just like you I like to pack stuff in. I got some great results last year and in preparation for this year's growing season I have been winter composting on my raised beds and collecting top soil. No chemicals for me, just use what nature provides.  Fingers crossed, let's hope for another good summer. 

  3. Hi new subscriber here, I love this video, I have started my own organic garden a week ago and I am very excited with the project. Please visit my channel (and subscribe, if you like) Thanks

  4. Hi Andrew, outstanding videos you provide. Particularly the inclined bed series. I can well understand why you tried to sue the health authority for not making public the benifits. Big money gags what it sees as opposition. Went inclined last night, first time, after watching your videos and all the professional agreement you found. Me…? mahy years terrible endless nights . trying to get a position where my shoulders and arms were less painfull and my arm and hands no movement , numb, but painful at the same time. Wow, slept well, no pain throughout the night, and my usually crooked fingers were straight this AM.
    I live in France(central) . Keep up the great work Andrew. We really need more like you

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