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Hey y’all! Did you used to have a beautiful,
green lawn but it won’t grow anymore because all the sudden it doesnt have enough sun?
Im going to show you my favorite shade lawn alternative right after this. Monkey grass
is my favorite go-to lawn replacement for lawns that get little to no sun. You are probably
used to seeing it used as a border plant, but its natural tendency is to spread and
cover a larger area. Lets take a look at just a couple of factors that might help you decide
which monkey grass is perfect for your lawn. Budget- dwarf monkey grass is more expensive
per plant than traditional monkey grass, and you need to plant more per square foot to
make it look like a good cover Maintenance-Once planted, dwarf monkey grass doesn’t need
to be cut or edged in any way. It’s virtually maintenance free. Standard monkey grass can
also be treated this way, but you may prefer the look of shorter grass so it’ll have to
be cut more often to whatever height you desire it to be. The Wait- standard moneky grass
will grow together to form a dense lawn more quickly than the dwarf variety. If you need help learning how to plant monkey
grass in your own yard, take a look at this convenient link in the top right corner of
this video. And if you’ve had any experience of your own with shade lawn alternatives,
be sure to comment below to get the conversation going in between episodes. Thanks for watching.
I’ll see you next time on another episode of Simple.Honest.Design.

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7 thoughts on “Grow grass in full shade! | Simple.Honest.Design

  1. Seems like your selling monkey grass rather than showing us HOW to grow grass in the shade. Simple honest design? What ???Change your title and stop being a salesperson and teach us something.Experts weigh in? Experts where are they, you got the weigh in right though.

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