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(upbeat music) Long tradition here of the Horticulture Club going into the holiday season with poinsettia sales. We’re standing here looking out at all these beautiful poinsettias that I’m sure the club has been working on for how long? We planted them the Sunday before classes started in August.
Okay. It took probably five hours to get them all in their respective pots. How easy is it to get a poinsettia to grow? They’re trees. Right. They are woody perennials, so they can be very tall, they look like trees, but in order to get the lovely colors, we have to change the light requirement so that they have short days and long nights ’cause that stimulates the color. So you’re a part of the Horticulture Club as well, Robert? That’s right. Horticulture Club is a really great opportunity for students of any major, studying anything, to learn more about how plants are grown. We have guest speakers from the university as well as private industry come in and speak to us about their professions. And it’s a great social connection. And we take these large foils for the large eight-inch pots, and we just drop them in there, fluff it up a little bit, and then it’s good to go.
It’s ready to go. The red goes with the white. See, look. (festive music) See? Is it really true that poinsettias are poisonous? I’ve never tried eating one myself. You haven’t? No, they look tasty.
You’ve not just taken a munch? Maybe next time. Okay. (laughs) These poinsettias on this bench, the white and the red, or the scarlet and cream, are for the Pinnacle Bank Arena commencement ceremony for graduation this year. That’s really cool. All right, so what we do is we take a pot, and we have to put a little bit of media in it. And then these are some Zygocactus or Christmas cactus. And put that one in. That way, you kinda have a balance in the whole pot, and we can get that spread that we wanna have in there. So then we would just finish it off with a little bit of potting mix, yep, loosely. A lot of our classes are using production activities such as what we’re doing here. Kind of fun to get my fingers in the dirt. There you go. (laughs) It’s one of my favorite things in the world to do. Now, of course, a red poinsettia is the best. Go Big Red. (festive music)

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