Graham to Americans: If bill isn’t passed in 48-hrs cut off Congress’ pay

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100 thoughts on “Graham to Americans: If bill isn’t passed in 48-hrs cut off Congress’ pay


  2. 90 percent are millionaires, so stopping their pay won't hurt them. I don't trust This snake oil salesman as far as I can throw him

  3. Perilosis and Schumer have been enabled by the weakness of the Congress .. it’s time for them to step down and let more intelligent
    People take their place as they are out of touch and constantly show bad judgement .. Goodbye to two traitors to our country .. !

  4. Lol😂 we should have cut Congress pay years ago. 🇺🇸
    They need to put their hazmat suits and N95 mask on a get back to Washington, if one falls in this battle someone would take their place just like our 1st responders. I'm tired of these cowards selling us out and whining like little school girls. "No offense to little school girls" .

  5. 3 Minutes after this video went up they passed the bill. Thats the key to congress. Threaten THEIR pay hahahah

  6. How about you just let corporations take taxpayer funded loans equal to the amount of tax they've paid in the last five years?
    I mean I can only think of one reason why corporations wouldn't like that…. that whole not paying any tax thing. But it seems pretty fair to me, right?
    Then extend the same deal to small and medium businesses and give those on welfare, aged pensions and disability that $1,000 check, since they don't have enough income to be paying taxes.
    Trickle up stimulus works. Trickle down doesn't and never has. Don't let yourself get ripped off by wall street again like you did in the GFC.
    You know what DOESN'T happen when you give stimulus money to the poor? tThey don't buy shares and they don't send the money to their offshore tax havens. They spend that cash into their LOCAL ECONOMY and that spending saves businesses AND JOBS in these dire times. How do I know? Because that is EXACTLY how it's worked TWICE in my country. We sailed through the "global" financial crisis like a summer day on a lake while you guys got smashed like a cork in a hurricane. Insanity is doing a dumb thing twice and expecting a different result the second time.

  7. Cut off pay no cut off heads thats now. Pay they steal so much they don't care, no problem for them.

  8. What exactly was approved! We don’t trust the Democrats!! If Americans are not paid Congress should not get paid!! Thank you Senator Graham!!

  9. Gram is just as bad as the Dems Gram''s payed for by Lockkey. So Gram act like he cares. No these Medical people in are Government are the same assholes who let Obama sell parts of this flu to China out of North Carolina.

  10. Cutting off your pay will be the least of your problems. After throwing the american people to the streets in favor of a communist military rival and sending millions out of work. You think we have any love for you people. If that bill isnt passed there will be hell to pay. And your "shelter in place" will be placed on our standard.

  11. Bail out people and small bussines first, and them big corp( they will get it anyway). is a mf fact, you dumb rightwingr and leftw, What was tax cut about, few year later crying like a [email protected]@@, plis $, plis $, i wont buy back stock i promess really !. and this going starting for the president and his party and democratacs alike. Here in NY, a lot of people are losing their job, or ther r getting 16hours or 24 hours work week. really, the rent is coming up soon. How d heck USA goverment overall fail us to proctect again, they turn blind when they saw the devastation in China since last year and here we just waching like nothing going to happen in America soil. How fast you think air travel/ border corssing would close if this virus started either on Mexico or in a Muslin Country( no including Saudi Arabia $$$). and last i dont want to hear people saying ah you should prepare for an emergency, save some money bla bla bla, ok, same way must go for big corporation too. they should save couple billions in cash reserve for any emergency. Just thouggz,

  12. Fox News is the Trump propaganda channel. They will push Trump's agenda no matter what scientists say. Fox News will lie about alternative treatments, about the scale of the threat, all that to keep adulating Trump. Conservatives have spent the last 40 years to denigrate scientific facts (the GOP is the only party whose nominees need to pass the deny evolution litmus test in order to even be considered), now they will only be too happy to continue and to let a clown decide based on his gut and his gut alone the fate of millions of Americans lives.
    Fox News, shame on you for your blind adulation of Trump and for being his own free of charge propaganda network. Trump's reign is comparable to USSR's communist party and just like it, his government and Fox News have to lie, lie, and lie some more to make him look infallible. Remember the black sharpie episode?

  13. PHUCK YOU Lindsey and turtle, " all kinds of special interest groups" yet NEITHER of you are naming names and exposing This despicable behavior. Why? Because these are the same special interests groups that pay you off when no one else is looking so you can slide your pork into bills so the American tax payer can fund your lavish lifestyles.

  14. They have gold billions saved some where lol the salary bthey get is pocket change for them ….how long before we ALL see them for what they really are?

  15. Yes there are professional lobbyists ! How is that legal ….oh maybe because Congress writes the laws 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🔥🔥🔥🔥

  16. Senator Graham has become an absolute American treasure over the last few years. He has seen what has been going on for years and wants to put his foot down and he's not afraid to put people on the stand to make the changes we need. Graham and Jordan 2024!

  17. Yes, president Trump is listening to Dr Fauci, but he seems not to understand the message , as he seems to say different things.


  18. Lindsey thinks he is president. we didn’t elect him. he can’t even get a bill passed. he should focus on that and let Trump run the country

  19. Potus strategically ignored advice to shut down travel to and from China. His decision probably saved many lives.

  20. They are all treasonous, thieving liars owned by the Creature from Jekyll Island. Remember we in the middle of a Trade War.

  21. We need a abundance of toilet tissue and food now in the stores or e-bay or Amazon to take a big part to help get supplies out to ones that really need it and have a opportunity to buy on line and free shipping and if needed place limits on these very needed items. Please somebody do something about this big problem starting with the manufacturers of such items we Americans need this to happen now.

  22. Do it cut off their pay or just make them pass a bill without the stuff that doesn't have anything to do with the CV pandemic in it may be americans shouldn't file taxes

  23. USA,Canada,Mexico and South America should all do dealings with each other, Grow this side of the world… Just imagine all that business…

  24. MARCH 25, 2020 10:37 GMT

  25. MARCH 25, 2020 10:37 GMT

  26. It's not the American people. Fault 👌 Too much exposure to the community. But be devastating to some small areas

  27. If they don’t do anything quick the cat will be out of the bag and people will realize that family and close community is way more important than a pork driven Government.

  28. Like these crooks care about their pay. They get the real money from their corporate masters
    Graham can have a bill passed yesterday if he wasn't trying to give billions away to his rich friends.

  29. Any Liberal with any brain cells remaining, vote for Trump in November if you want to save your country, values, principles, your Constitution, Bill of Rights and your life and limb, like arms, the right to bear Arms. You may need them.

  30. Well said… However, most of these corrupt politicians, make more money through their corrupt activities and wont be bothered by this. But… Well said all the same.

  31. “If bill isn’t passed in 48-hrs, freeze all Congress Bank accounts prosecute any off shore accounts” Better quote.

  32. i do know one thing the people have to start demanding that these rich peole like nancy and chucky that have made millions off from the american people this needs to STOP its high time term limits and pay freezes come into place its taken this virus to wake people up and to show how nancy denied the american people help with this crisis i believe the bank accounts of nancy and the rest of the evil bank accounts needs to be frozen most of these people could live for years off the money they have scamed from us so there you have it lets vote this evil OUT NOW

  33. I only have one thought. If people do not humble themselves before God. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ thousands must die. That is history. These things brings people together not separation. God bless all

  34. The Dems know they have zero chance of getting their ludicrous additions to the bill without a dire National need to pass the funding that gives American workers some financial stability and are using the crisis to further their agenda. Immoral scum!
    Remember this in November every worker hurting to pay bills.

  35. No no they have to put some injustice with the bill, otherwise they don’t feel that they were able to take advantage of us in desperate times and they need to do that to continue to give our country away that we built in slavery. 2020 The Iron crushes the clay and they take their sticky mitts off our money and our country. They get to migrate back to Africa and Asia and Europe. Hope they find a good hole to hide in because the English the iron is so very sick of the clay.

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