Good tree, good fruit…

hi so I’m supposed to say something encouraging but instead what I’m going to do is I going to read to you a passage a passage that we would have been reading together it had we met today for Bible study so obviously we’re not going to be able to do that but I’m gonna read this passage anyways from Luke chapter 7 sorry Luke chapter 6 there’s this Luke chapter 6 and we would have been reading verse 43 onwards together so here he goes verse 43 no good tree Bears bad fruit nor does a bad tree bear good fruit each tree is recognized by its own food people do not pick figs from thornbushes or grapes from briars the good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart and the evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his heart for out of the overflow of his heart his mouth speaks hmm I wonder what you make of this it starts talking about you know trees bearing different types of fruit if it’s a good tree you know we can’t bear a bear bad fruit and you know the the bad tree cannot bear good fruit and can recognize this type of tree by its fruit and then it talks about different types of fruit you know you can’t get the fig from the thorn bushes you can’t get the great from the briers but then it moves to talking about people about about these good things that comes comes out of the good that’s stored inside someone’s heart and and conversely you know evil things out of this evil man’s heart and it ends with this overflow almost as if you can’t help it you know whatever is inside your heart you will do it you will speak it you will think it it will just be obvious you’ll just come out so what do you think this passage is just talking about well on one hand he could be talking very sensibly very logically about how people can be seen by their actions perhaps you know perhaps you know your the this fruit business it’s talking about how you can recognize someone’s actions and tell that person’s nature by their actions you know a good tree should bear good fruit and a bad tree you know can help it will bear and you know it’s talking again about the good man you know doing good things out of his heart and you know in a very worrying way it’s almost like saying oh there are good people and bad people you know the good people do good things the bad people do bad things but I think it’s not as simple as that you know because it ends with talking about this overflow almost as if they can’t hide it you know if a person is of a certain nature of a certain character they they can’t help it they will say something you do something that will reveal that that nature very naturally and Jesus almost asking us to be able to recognize it well firstly maybe in the people around us but I suspect more so in ourselves how actually the things that we do you know the which we might be very ashamed after you know today the prime minister he was he just came on 10 minutes ago talking about how some of the things we’ve been doing are really really disappointing you know and we might say oh it’s a mistake or we might say it’s just those people but actually actually if we’re honest with ourselves the things that we do often reveal and surprise us as to the kind of people whom we are you know oftentimes the things that I do surprise me because I think I’m doing this good thing and I think oh I must be a good person but oftentimes oftentimes if I’m honest I recognize that out the overflow of my heart I see lots of really evil things really bad things really horrible things that surprise me they don’t surprise God because he can recognize them he sees them but he wants us to see them he wants us to recognise them through our actions of course but then to almost be able to see into our hearts what does God see when he sees not just our actions but our hearts not just our good the good things that you are doing and know many of you are doing amazing things you’re serving people but maybe those motivations even behind those good things so-called good things that we are doing God sees our hearts and God sees the need for the forgiveness of our hearts and God offers it through Jesus Christ I’m sure there’s a lot more there that I probably didn’t get out of that this is really just a cursory reading again you know I wish we could be reading this together get more of this but here it is this is this is the passage that we would have read today maybe you have something more than you notice you could share with us but this is just what I got from today’s passage well for those of you I just want to say that for those of you who are you know serving today in a hospital you know who are going in in a sense serving all of us by being there and meeting the needs of the patients we are praying for you thank you so much please please keep looking to God keep trusting in him and knowing that he is good his sovereign he’s always gracious and he is the Lord of all well take care and God bless

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