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41 thoughts on “Girl attacked by coyote in front yard

  1. Stop having babies people..where are animals suppose to go when you expand too much…space??? Blame that mans balls or the mother promiscuity

  2. for an 'attack' i find it surprisingly odd that the child wasn't bitten,
    that's also why this wasn't an 'attack', because if the Coyote was really going to attack her it would have not stopped until the dad came out.

  3. One of the few examples where owning a sacrifice pet like a cat would be beneficial. The cat can used as a sacrifice to the coyote.


  5. some thing is wrong about this video, the lawn mower disappears and reappears, the coyote goes toward the lawn mower etc

  6. showing this to my wife, we noticed a person on a tractor stop by the end of the driveway, (just out of site). after the coyote backs away, he looks towards where the tractor was and ran towards the tractor. the tape ends with the coyote and tractor not showing themselves again. almost as if the guy on the tractor called his dog and the dog went running? Maybe he raised that coyote? just an idea?

  7. so the mom isn't worried about pedophiles and child molester….it's the coyote incident that is making her keep her kid inside….uhmmm ma'am why was a five year old allowed to play unattended in the front yard anyways.

  8. Stupid idiot White parents, don't know why they would leave such a small girl all bye herself, in front of her house without a fence or any kind of Protection at all!!!.. they were lucky the Coyote wasn't big enough or hungry enough. White Parents are like Negro Parents, stupid and cold to their Children!.

  9. Did anyone notice the man on a riding lawn tractor? Wonder what his story soon as he showed up the coyote left that yard..

  10. I'm going to play devils advocate here and say that maybe the coyote wasn't trying to attack her, and instead play. The thing is that if it was trying to attack then it would of 100% latched onto her and treid tearing her up until the dad stepped in and eitehr scared it off or killed it. It seemed like as if it was behaving like an over excited dog in which it went after her thinking she was playing when she ran, and then backed off when it realized she wasn't. It's hard to say though as I have been attacked by a pair of dogs before, and the typical tell tale sign that their being agressive and they mean it is when their ears are down. Yet their weren't, along with the coyote which is why it makes it hard to say what its real intentions were honestly.

  11. One little lead bullet would stop this problem! When my kids were little I would never let them go play in the corn fields. We had way too many coyotes in our area. I worried if they got taken down in the corn field I would not be able to see them to get to them in a hurry to help.

  12. This is why I feel nothing for these vermin being hunted. All these animal people keep saying they are living beings yet they multiply like crazy and do this kinda shit. Wipe that whole species out, fuck em.

  13. PETA and every other "humane" group of pussies: "Well what did you expect, you're encroaching on their territory".
    Tie PETA to a tree in the front yard.

  14. wow. I just bought some land in central Florida and the dirt road leading into my lot has a lot of what appear to be coyote tracks and scat. I was not sure it was panther or dog, but being told it's coyote. I don't carry guns or have a dog. I've not secured the lot yet, but will have bear spray and a shovel on me. I'm 6'2, 270lb.. should I worry about being attacked? I hear they rarely hunt in packs.

  15. They need to get a Pit bull to be with the kid when she goes outside. I seen a video where these two pits nearly killed the Coyote that came into the yard the owners was trying to save the Coyote from the his Pit bulls ..

  16. That guy on the lawn mower had to have seen her walking up with the coyote stalking her, then it ran at her. Then he chased it off when he saw it again.

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