Giant Christmas Tree Hunt for Christmas! Dinosaur Toys & Decorating for Christmas with Santa!

– All right, there we go. The last one. – Hey Park Ranger Aaron! The tree’s looking pretty good this year! – Hey, thanks Park Ranger LB. I wanted to make sure we had the most Christmas-y Dino HQ in
the whole neighborhood. – Cool!
– But, I don’t want Santa to miss us this year
because I’m going to see him. – But, isn’t there like, more Christmas-y places? – You could be right. There are a lot of
Christmas-y places out there. Maybe we should go check some others out, to get some ideas on how to make out place even more Christmas-y, huh? – Yeah! But are there presents there? – What do you need presents for? – It’s for my secret Santa! – Who’s your secret Santa? – I got T-Bone the T-Rex. – You got T-Bone? You got him at him as your
secret Santa? (laughs) – Yeah! – Okay, well I guess we’ll have to look for a present for T-Bone! – Yeah!
– Let’s go dude! Yeah this way. – They’re getting ready
for Christmas I see. Stockings and all. But it will never be! No, no, no. Because I, the Grinch, will come back as Santa Claus and take all
of their Christmas joys! (evil laugh) (dinosaur stomping) – [Aaron] Man look at Santa. – Yeah!
– Dude that is so awesome. Okay, this is Yesterland
Farm at Christmas time. One of the most Christmas-y places I could possibly think of, huh? – Whoa! – We’re going to go
check it out and see what kinda of Christmas-y
stuff we can find to do! – Yeah! – Okay, let’s go over
that way and try that out! – Okay. – Hey look, we found the
Grinch paintball blasting, huh? – Cool! – You ready to go inside and
see if we can blast the Grinch? – Yep. – Get him for stealing all those presents. – Uh-huh (affirmative) – Okay, let’s go dude. Okay so you got your paint
balls all ready, right? – Yep. – Okay, so I think
there’s going to be some Grinches, I think
they’re hiding out there, and they’re going to pop
up and you’re going to blast them with the paint balls, okay? – Yep. – Splat. – [Aaron] There he is! Blast ’em! Oh you got him in the — – [LB] I got his hat! – [Aaron] You go his hat. There get that one! – [Aaron] Oh! – [LB] Oh, almost got him! – [Aaron] Aw man. That one! Oh how about there! Oh man. – [LB] Oh I got him in the face! – Okay wait for the next one to pop up. – Okay. – [Aaron] Oh there he goes. – [LB] Oh, so – What happened? There he is, up there above the truck! Oh you got him!
– [LB] Oh, got him! – [Aaron] Oh you’re out.
– [LB] Oh I’m out. – Okay you did pretty good there, my turn now dude, okay? – [LB] There’s two! Oh right over there! – Oh I got him right in the face – [LB] They’re right there! – [Aaron] Oh man, the Grinch
taking a beating there. Okay, that was fun wasn’t it? – Yeah. – Let’s see what else we can find here. – Okay. – All right, you want
to do the apple cannon? – Yep. – [Aaron] Okay, we’ll take
on of these then, okay? All right, remember how to use this thing? – Yep! – Okay, you ready? – Yeah. – Try, there give it another push. (LB grunting) – There a green light? – Oh yeah. – You got a green light? Okay, all right. Aim using that right there. Oh, you almost had that one. Okay here goes another one. All right, give it a push. (LB grunting) Yeah, okay go for it! Oh, a little low. – I hit the fence! – [Aaron] Oh that was
close, three more left. Oh almost had that, whatever it was. – [LB] Whoa, it bounced. – This is your last one. Okay here we go. Now! Aw, he’s still too low. Oh well, you got close. Okay, let’s go find a Christmas tree dude! – Yeah! – Hey is this a donkey here? – Yep. – Okay, I don’t think
he’s going to eat a leaf, that’s all you have? – Yeah! – You should get better food than that. See, oh yeah look, he’s eating the leaf. – [LB] Oh! Oh you broke your leaf in half! – Tasty, huh?
– Aww! I told you! More! – Where is he man? Come on LB man, where’d you go? He’s probably hiding in all
these Christmas trees here. (“Jingle Bells”) – Boo! – Aw man! You scared me dude. Okay, hey you want to go see some whole field full of Christmas trees? – Yeah! – Yeah let’s go dude! – Okay Park Ranger LB, check out all these Christmas trees here, huh? – Whoa there’s so many! – Oh yeah there is lots
of Christmas trees. Oh, oh, okay. Yeah got you dizzy now? It really just makes you feel
like it’s Christmas, huh? – Yeah, but I think we
need a little bit more ice. – Ice? – Yeah! – Where are we going to
find ice in Texas, huh? – Oh I got an idea! Follow me! – Oh okay, I’ll follow you. Wait Park Ranger LB, come back man! I don’t know where you’re going dude! Come back! Come back! Come back! Whoa, check it out Park Ranger LB. We’re here at the Gaylord Texan! – Yeah, this place has a lot of lights! – Yeah has a lot of lights,
but where’s the ice? – Follow me! – Oh yeah, good thing I got
my jacket and my snow gear! They got an ice rink here! – Yeah! – It’s why they call it ice I guess. – Oh yeah. – Want to try the ice skating first? – Okay, – Okay. You know I use to skate in the Olympics. – Nah.
– Nah. – I doubt that – I’ve never ice skated before,
except for when I was a kid. I’m probably going to
be really bad at this. Let’s go get some ice
skates and try it out. – Yahoo. – I’m catching up to you dude. You ready to go over there? – Yep. – Okay, here we are. I can’t get any traction man! Got to go this way then. – Oo! – Did that hurt? You okay? – Yeah. – Hey I did a triple lutz! Okay Park Ranger LB, I
think I got this thing nailed now, I know how to skate. You ready for a race? – Yep! – Okay let’s go over here
and get it started then. First one back around to this spot wins – Okay – What do you win? – Um, ice cream. – Ice cream? Okay. – Okay. – That was just a practice move there. Okay on your mark, get set… – Go!
– Go! – Oh! Ah! – Come back here LB, man. – (laughing) Ah you’re going to crash! I win! Yeah! – You won man. You get the ice cream. – Yahoo! You’re welcome. – Okay LB, lets go see what
else they have to do here, because that last fall I took kind of took it out of me, okay? – Oh, okay. – I think they got some
fun stuff to try out inside though, you ready? – Yeah! – Let’s go for it! You ready to go try the snow tubing? – Yep! – Okay let’s go up here and, oh wait, you want to race? – Yeah. – Well let’s see if we can race these. Let’s see who can get down fastest, okay? – Lets go! – [Aaron] (yelling excitedly) Wohoo! – Ah! – [Aaron] Oh! Tie! Okay, here’s the snow throw. Wow, look at these snowballs man. Okay, you ready? – Yeah. – See if we can hit this. Oh that was bad. That was bad. Oh! – [LB] You got it! – I hit that, man! See if you can hit that! Oh! – I hit it! – You hit it! You hit it dude! – It’s snowing!
– It’s snowing! Oh this is so cold. – Bear!
– Bear! We both missed. – We both missed. – Oh no, I’m down to my last two. – I’m down to my last one. – Good luck. Oh, almost had it. Last one, okay you ready? What are you going to aim for? – The bear! – Oh, not quite.
– So close! – I’m going to aim for a present. Here we go. – You got it! – I got it! Hey Park Ranger LB, this place is awesome. You did really good recommending ice. – Yeah, I knew the snowballs would be fun. – Yeah man, they were awesome. But you know what, I
think we could still find a place that’s just a little
more Christmas-y, okay? – Yeah. – I know just the place too. – Where is it? – I’ll show you, you ready? – Yeah. – Let’s go this way! – Nope, no, this way. Check it out Park Ranger LB, it’s the tallest indoor
Christmas tree in America! – Whoa, it’s so big. – And it’s here, at the Dallas Galleria. – Whoa, that’s the biggest
tree I’ve ever seen! – I know man, isn’t it the
Christmas-y Christmas tree we would ever find? – Yeah, but how’s it
going to fit in the truck? – Oh, yeah that’s a pretty good point. I wasn’t thinking about that. Lets see, yeah. Yeah, I don’t think that’s
going to fit in the truck. Tell you what, let’s head back to Dino HQ, and we’ll finish decorating
our tree back there, okay? – Yeah! – Okay let’s go for it. This way! All right, this ought to
do it here, down there. Get the ol dino pillow there, and my dino wait a minute, where’d this come from? – Hey Park Ranger Aaron,
what are you doing? – Oh, Park Ranger LB
man, just getting ready for Santa Claus, going to be here waiting for him to show up. What’s that right there? – Oh its my secret Santa gift, for T-Rex. – Oh, you found a present. Awesome dude, that’s so cool. Wait a minute, T-Bone
can’t open the present up. – Oh yeah, so we have to open it up. – That’s a great idea dude. We’ll just sit down right here, we’ll open it up and we’ll
go give it to T-Bone. – Yeah! – Cool, let’s go come on over here, next to my milk and cookies
that I have for Santa Claus. – Okay. – Okay, you want to see what’s in here? – Uh-huh (affirmative) – Oh, look at that. What is it? Oh wow, it’s a Jurassic
World ’93 Jeep Wrangler. – Yeah! – And we know that T-Bone
loves chasing the Jeep. – Yeah! – Yeah cool, let’s open this bad boy up. – (mimicking car noises) – Oh man. – Hey that’s a pretty cool
Jurassic World Jeep there, huh? – Yeah! – Yeah, I bet T-Bone’s
going to love chasing that. – Yep. – But you know what, I think
it’s going to have until wait until tomorrow
because it’s almost time for Santa to get here. – Oh yeah. – So okay you know what,
you need head off to bed and I’m going to tuck down
over here on the couch, be waiting for him when he gets here. Comes right down the chimney. – Yeah you’re probably
not going to see him. – Oh no, I think I am. He just comes right out the chimney, I’m going to go back and
get my milk and cookies, so I’m all ready for him. Okay, we gots to head off to bed. We don’t want him to skip us. – Okay, bye! – Bye! (Aaron snoring) – Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho! Oh he’s alseep! Ho! Ho! Ho! What a nice tree that is. Ho! Ho! Oh, milk and cookies. Don’t mind if I do. (slurping) Oh, I need to check the date
on that stuff sometimes. Okay, let’s get some presents here. Uh, oh. What’s that? Dinosaur! Oh I’m out of here. Forget the presents! (dinosaur roars) – [Aaron Voiceover] Hey fans! Tap the ToyLabTV smiley face to subscribe, and find out about our newest videos! You can also tap the pictures, to watch more fun videos, right now! Don’t forget to give this video, a big thumbs up!

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