Gardening Tips : How to Set Up a Compost System

I’m Bill Elzey with Showplace Lawns. Lets
talk a little bit about how to set up a compost system. Compost is usually made from yard
waste. Leaves, grass clippings, old plants and things of that nature. Putting it in a
pile where it can sort of ferment and work itself into a good compost. You need to have
a system that you can put it in. But will allow for airflow through the material. In
this particular project we’ve used a set of old pallets. Something else that will work
good is some post with some wire. Anything that will keep the material in a pile and
allow that air flow that is the key ingredient. You can use concrete blocks, again anything
that will allow cross airflow to work is what you need. Aside from that keep it wet, turn
it occasionally and you should be just fine. It will take you roughly about nine to ten
months using it this way to create a good compost for you. Usually the clippings and
cuttings from one spring are your compost for the next spring. But again remember that
whatever you use, you want to have a good cross ventilation of air throughout the whole

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