Gardening For Exercise

(upbeat bouncy music) – A lot of times we
think about exercise, we think about hitting the gym. But in reality,
getting great exercise is just about getting
movement into your day. So today we’re going to motivate
you in a very unique way. I’m here with Katie Rotella,
to talk about how gardening can actually add some movement
into your everyday life. Katie, I think a lot of people
don’t realize that gardening involves a lot of
physical exertion. – Yes it does, it takes a
lot to maintain your garden, to make it keep looking pretty. You’re using all of your muscles
when you’re in the garden. You’re using back muscles, while
you’re lifting and hanging. You’re using your legs to pull. A lot of core work as well. Also your plants might
be a little bit further away from a water source. So walking back and fourth
to fill your watering can, or to roll your hose back up. The steps back and fourth climb
really easily in the garden. Doctors suggest that
you get at least 2 1/2 hours per
week for exercise. Moderate exercise, and gardening
can fit that very easily. – I love that, and that’s
especially important, when we’re trying to
reduce the risk of disease. (bouncy music) – Breath in that fresh air and enjoy the time
you’re spending outside. Oxygen is great for your body,
it’s great for your heart. Take those deep breaths
and keep you healthy. Especially in the
older generation, you wanna make sure
that you’re active. But also enjoying it as well. It’s one of those activities that work well
for any age group. – A lot of times people
garden, or they get outside, or they do a hobby, because
it de stresses them. You’re sort of working in flow. That’s gotta really help
you mentally as well. – There’s a lot of mental
aspects of gardening. There’s studies that show
that plants make you happier, they help you with
color and scent. That they can affect
your brain and your mood. Really decompress you
after a tough day. Then from your garden you
can bring those indoors, and enjoy them during the week. – Katie I cannot wait
to garden with you, because you’re the expert. So let’s get out there
and do something. – Sounds great. (bouncy music) – [Jade] First up, time
to move some plants to more sunlight. – You’re definitely going
to work your legs this time. You want to lift with your
legs, and engage your core, and not use your back. You don’t want to haul them
up using your upper body. You want to lift from the
bottom as much as you can. [Jane] So essentially
we’er doing a squat. – [Katie] Yes, and
now in this location, the plants will get more sun. But we’re getting sun as well. But we’re not done yet. We just worked our
legs and our arms, but it’s time to work
maybe our upper back by lifting something overhead
with the hanging basket. – So more exercise
in the garden. – Yes it’s not over yet. – Let’s do it. – So Jane this time we’re
going to use our arms. We’re going to hang this basket
in a nice sunny location. As comparison, we’ve got a
weight that’s about 15 pounds. Wet, this is about how
much this basket weighs. So lift it up and
put it in its place. – Wow, in your shoulders,
really good upper body workout. Let’s get that up there. Another way that gardening
is a great arm workout, is all the digging required
to plant your plants, and weed your garden. Don’t forget all
the steps you get as you walk back
and forth watering. So remember when it comes to
getting movement into your day, get creative and have fun.

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