Fun Flower Craft Activity: a paper rose

Watch it, make it, like it and support us by subscribing. Thank you. Alright, I saw this made a couple of times … and … … didn’t believe it worked. But I tried it and it actually comes out quite nice. So it’s a flower, as you saw. Uhm, you start in the center If you, uh … I would take the wrong side of the paper. This is construction paper. But you want to make a… … swirl … … that you will cut. But you want to make it big enough, to give room for the petal. And even as best you can. And just keep following around in the circle,I’m not keeping it that even until your pencil hits the edge of the paper. And then you could put a line there. and then whatcha gonna do is cut it.I’m gonna cut that line there and then you just start cutting around the the spiral and these pieces, these four corners will fall off. will come off and then all you’ll be left is with the spiral soooooas I’ve said in the past Watching me cut is a little boring so I will do this on my own and … … come back. scissors cutting paper sounds OK So uh, I cut it out and I still have pencil marks. I could erase it but I’m not going to cause… I’m not. Uhm, I did mention before that this is a four by four piece of construction paper Uhm I have done it for different sizes but it is a square piece Anyway … start curling it in and rolling it up. and Just roll. I tend to roll from uhm the my finger tends to press along the … inner line uhm I want it more of a bloom shape then a straight up and down. Though it doesn’t always come out that way. OK Again this is going to take awhile. And I don’t think you want to watch. sooooooo I will fast forward to the end. So I’m not quite at the end but there were a couple of things I realized that I would … I want to give you as tips as I’m rolling this along. One, try to keep the roll, you know, fairly tight not really tight. I keep it tight because once it becomes unrolled uh, it’s hard to hold it in place. As you can see the roll is getting thicker, so I’m using two fingers to hold it now. And if it unrolls and your paper is thick, it can get worse. I’m getting to the point I have to hold it this way because it’s it’s just not working rolling it out the other way. but I am coming to the end now Uhm, I flatten the bottom uh, I have cut this circular thing off. but, anyways I’m flipping it over the last ones did curl in cause like I said I stick to the outer so that the it’s more of an angle, so pinching on this side kept it pinched. Now I’m going to let go and it’s going to pop up. push it back down and there’s your flower It’s pretty. And I like construction paper because I have done it with uhm I practiced with magazine paper and a post it. Let me show you.Here’s with the magazine. What I did find neat with the magazine though was that uh This was a rather large piece. I would imagine about an 8 square, an 8 foot square one. so twice the size of this. but as you can see, uhm you can see my pen mark, because I used pen but what I think would be really cool if you If you want to get fancy is use like a gold marker to make your swirl and then you’ll have the tips of the flower to be gold, which I think is kind of neat and this one I did it with a little post it. which was about one and a half uh, inch square. so that came out kinda nice. But I must admit that I think I like the construction paper the best. So those are your paper flowers, pretty simple to make. See I don’t like the side of this magazine too much. But I like the side of this one, that came out nice. Anyway …uhm That is your flower. If you like this, Please likeLike the video, share it and subscribe, thank you.

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