Fresh Tropical High Style Flower Arrangement with Bird of Paradise

Get a small round floral tray. Secure wet foam with waterproof tapes. Arrange 2 stems of bird of paradise accordingly. Add Leucadendrons at back. Arrange red roses, green pom daisies and other foliage around. Bear grass (looped), cast iron plant leaves (folded), salal leaves and pittosporum are commonly used as foliage Prepare the container for arrangement. Secure wet foam block with waterproof floral tapes. Green the foam all around with foliage. Leather leaf ferns were used. Arrange stems of bird of paradise and leucadendrons. Add some tall followers at back. Purple liatris and blue delphiniums were added. Arrange coral color gerbera daisies and green spider mums at front. Add some assorted colour carnations accordingly. Roll up Case Iron Plant Leaves (roll and staple) and add them to the back with tall foliage (myrtle stems). You can mix and match using the flowers you like and create your own design~

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4 thoughts on “Fresh Tropical High Style Flower Arrangement with Bird of Paradise

  1. Thanks! If the flowers are fresh and you check the water level of the arrangement every 2 days(don't forget to water them~), it should last you about a week~ The birds and the green mums last much longer than then gebera daisies. =)

  2. A slide show isn't very educational. Have either the student or the student explain how they do an arrangement. And drop the music.

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