Fresh Flower Centerpiece in Flower Pot DIY Demo

Get a clay pot, a plastic liner for the pot. Cut a piece of pre-soaked wet foam to fit into the liner. Place the plastic liner into the clay pot. Put the wet foam into the liner. Make sure the foam is a bit higher than the pot. Secure the foam with the waterproof floral tape. Tape a cross with waterproof tapes. Cut some small pieces of the leather leaf ferns and insert them all around in the foam. Cut the yellow roses into shorter stems and insert them on top, left and right side of the foam. Insert more flowers into the foam. I got some pink roses and stargazer lily buds. Add more flowers all around to make the arrangement into a half-sphere shape. I got some carnations, white and green daisies and poms, pink lithianthus and solid asters. Make a fabric wired bow pick and insert the bow pick into the arrangement. Here we go~

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