Flowers Made Out of Beef Jerky

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100 thoughts on “Flowers Made Out of Beef Jerky

  1. the best present for valentines day is pizza roses look up treadbanger pizza roses on youtube ps.if you do they cuss alot ALOT

  2. Valentine's Day and workout close, yea that's why valentines day is just for spoiled women that want material things.

  3. The only reason to NOT celebrate Valentine's day is when you get past elementary school (because everyone gets cards) and not have a date. So hopefully not Middle School either.

  4. once my friend asked me what i want for Christmas and I said beef jerky and she got it for me. I was so happy

    Stevie: by the way there might be needles in there
    Link's reaction killed me ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  6. In South Africa beef jerky is one of the most loved snacks in the whole country, but here we call it "biltong" (pronounced : Bill like the name… and tong like sugar tongs
    Put em together bill-tong.
    It is my favourite snack. I would choose biltong everytime, even if one of the other choices were chocolate. … I really don't like chocolate.
    Thing is, I'm not alone in this, most women in South Africa are like me. We love the dried meat. I am going to be sooooooo rich! Thanks you guys! Imma be a milionaire! See you in LA soon! I'll come bearing gifts in the form of cheques for giving me the idea.

  7. My husband is not allowed to buy me clothing (including shoes), perfume or jewellery and that's why he takes me shopping and I love it!

  8. valentine's day is actually honoring a pastor in ancient (somewhere i forgot where) where getting married was illegal ย so he would marry people secretly, hence the name valentine's day

  9. My "bf" gave me a bag of beef jerky and hugged me, i said i love you and ran ate them all and he said, left one for me, no, oh, but still…. they where great hehehehe

  10. I have never spent a Valentine's day with a significant other before. Whatever my boyfriend plans I will be happy with. It could just be as simple as movies at home with a bowl of popcorn and stuff. He is a romantic man as it is so I know he'll plan something special, something extensive without my expectation of it. I literally don't care as long as I spend time with him. Some women really confuse me that demand their boyfriend's or husbands to do the planning or do something expensive, can't you just be happy they do anything at all?

  11. I don't celebrate Valentines day, mainly because it's an American holiday and in Australia, we don't exactly celebrate American holidays (such as Halloween and Thanksgiving too)

  12. I have a great idea for you guys.

    I noticed when Link ate a petal, he was chewing quite a bit. So, when I saw, I was thinking of a food that is specifically meant for chewing: Gum.

    Beef Jerky Bubblegum.

  13. Spot the difference

    Did you find ๐Ÿ‘ฟ

  14. If you gave me beef jerky instead of chocolate for Valentine's day then I would be super happy bc I love beef jerky.
    I know it's a guy gift and I'm a girl but I really need to get some of those

  15. โ€œEvery day is a good day to show love to your significant other.โ€ Well where is my significant other?

  16. Rhett and Link are the sweetest men EVER! I hope to get a guy with their level of respect one day! Bravo guys!

  17. Link: Shoves beef flower in mouth
    Stevie: By the way there's needles in it.
    Link: There's needles in it??! Why couldn't you tell before??
    ๐Ÿ˜‚Had me cracking up

  18. I'm a girl and if my girlfriend gave me those I'd handcuff us together and say "we're married now" XD …I really like beef jerky

  19. Am I the only nostalgia nerd here who wonders if the Beef Jerky bouquet people stole their slogan "say it with beef" from episode 2 of Sabrina The Teenage Witch? Aunt Hilda is supposed to have a date with Drell, the head of the Witches Council, and Zelda brings up that he always cancels on her by sending her a Pot Roast. ๐Ÿคฃ And Sabrina is all confused, so Hilda explains it by saying, "Flowers wilt, say it with beef". LMAO. No? Just me? Okay. #TotalNerd

  20. rhett or link have you ever farted at work and one of your co workers said hey did you just fart and then they proceed to guess what it smelled like theres a scene from the movie bio-dome they get locked in the food room an they fart an try to guess what that person had for lunch or breakfast

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